Auto-drip Watering for 8 days while on vacation

This is my first grow after it became legal where I live. Big Bud strain fem. seeds started after Labour Day.

2 plants in 3 gallon pots…my grow tent is 4’x’4x80" and I picked up a VivoSun auto-drip watering system with a 10 gallon water bucket to avoid dried up plants after 8 days in Aruba after Thanksgiving.

I am a bit confused on what watering cycle to set up as far as frequency and duration are concerned. The kit came with two regulators/drip emitters with 4 spikes per side. Is it overkill to use 4 per plant?

My concerns are drowning the plants or turning them into crumbly brown messes.

I water them every other day with a gallon of distilled water and alternate between plain distilled water and distilled water with 3 teaspoons of Fox Farms Tiger bloom.

Any suggestions would be most welcomed at this point. By the way, has anyone had a cat that got a taste for pruned pot leaves by mistake? One of my cats ate a piece of pruned leaves off the floor that I dropped and now he come a-runnin’ each morning at 5AM when I check on the plants. I grow dynamite catnip for my 6 cats and now one of them wants to share my “people nip”


Howdy Larry
Welcome to forum :grinning:

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Your plants looking damn good. My daughter’s 6 month old Aussie got a hold of a small bud of mine. It happened so quick i couldn’t do anything. He seemed to be chilled as hell later that night.


The important question…calico, or tabby?

You’ll get other responses, but my first thought is measure water needed in the days leading up, for your actual plants at that point, and then use the drip product specs for volume settings to water a little less than what you did by hand…

Hi @CrosseyedLarry and welcome back!

It looks like you are doing a great job all on your own.

I’d advise to keep the cat away though. Sounds like they have their own weed. :rofl:

Thanks! I do my best to keep Larry out of the people nip and make him stick to the catnip.


Big 16 pound tabby…

I will try what you mentioned. Thanks!


I grow really strong catnip and my 6 cats truly enjoy it…they seem to like the Allman Brothers Band even more after eating the nip and laying in the sun.

Too bad weed isn’t as easy to grow and cure as good old catnip…

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Welcome to the forum @CrosseyedLarry great looking plants, and very good looking cat. I have a few at the house too.

Welcome aboard @CrosseyedLarry! Nice plants and pretty kitty!

So, you’re asking about filling a 10 gallon res, while you go on holiday for 8 days. Firstly, what kind of soil are you using? The one issue you could run into, if you are adding nutes to the reservoir, is pH drift. Mixed nutrients will most have pH fluctuations if left unmonitored, and depending on the medium, you could run into issues.

If you are just using distilled water only while gone, then you just really need to figure out how much for your system to dispense and when. I recommend filling your res with a couple gallons, and running the system to empty buckets, so you can get a good idea of where tocput your settings.

This part is a little important. Fox Farms nutrients are meant to be used together. The Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Have you already flipped to flower, or are you still under a veg (18/6) lighting schedule? If flower, you definitely want to use all 3 according to the schedule. Since you will be leaving the plants somewhat unattended for some days, maybe feed them on the heavier side once or twice before going out of town. That way, they don’t get too hungry while gone and start cannabalizing themselves.

Sorry if that was a little longwinded! Hope some it helps. Good luck and happy growing!


I have dog as a pest to. She finding the way to my grow space and chomp those leaves :rofl:

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Everything LOVES weed!!! :rofl:


Do you do this outdoors?


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