Water irrigation kit

Hey guys i was thinking about getting one of these but don’t know the first thing about setting one up,
such as run times, should i set it up to water everyday every other day or what?

Looks pretty self explanatory set up a bucket of nute water ( preferably with a lid) , put a t intersection for each plant your running to and put the pointed drip probe into medium , then set instructions for how often to water with how much , heres a pic of what the kit includes for smarter people

Yeah i just don’t know how much water to set it up for so that it keeps the plant watered good but not over watered. Like how much water are the plants gonna get in 6 seconds or 30 seconds i guess i would just have to play with it figure it out and then tweek it.

This would depend a lot on plant sizes, growth phase, pot size, what medium the plants are growing in.

My three auto flowers are currently using 5 gallons of water about every 3 days…

How many plants are you thinking of doing?

Maybe a more standard hydro setup is what you are looking for?

6 plants

That’s alot of water for 3 plants how big are they?

3 plants fill my 28x55x80 tent, honestly 2 would, 1 shouldn’t count she got stunted and isn’t taking up much space.

I am hydro rdwc so the plants do get big, even autos.

There is no one right way to grow cannabis, so can you use a drip system like that to water plants, sure you can. Is it the right thing for your goal?

What are you trying to do? Automate the grow? Automate the watering process?

If you do a drip system into soil or coco you will have to adjust the drip rate and your feed solution to match the plant phase.

No not really trying to automate grow. Was doing some reading online and read that plants like drinking a little bit of water all through out the but really I’m just trying to increase my yield.

Maybe i should just get me a hydro kit and be done with it. What do you think about a kit like this but smaller bc i don’t have enough room for this many buckets. Lol

If your goal is to increase yield hydro is the way to go, there are many options out there.

Dwc is an option, RDWC is the best imo your plants will get huge. My auto flowers are over twice the size in my rdwc grow vs my previous soil grow.

There are many other variables though, light, nutrients, ect

Here are my 4 auto flowers in soil with drip irrigation, this was my first grow

Here is my current rdwc my second grow, the middle small third girl got stunted by me. Same tent as previous.

Just ordered a 2 pump system to cover watering while I am away. On can run water the other nutes on seperate timers.

What kind of light do you use?
And your plants look awesome by the way and what strains are they?

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This is as big as my autoflowers got my last grow

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I have an HLG brand light, I did one of their build your own kit. They also have some of the best pre built lights as well.


I bought the auto mix pack from ilgm, first grow was gorilla glue auto, this grow is girl scout cookie extreme auto.

That was the main reason my first grow ended up with a drip system, being away and the plants needing water/food.

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What kind light do you use?

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HLG, I was using a light that used 3 of their qb288 boards a kit I built to save money.

You can also order lights from them already built

I am upgrading my tent and light and using something stronger from them for my next grow