Australian Laws & ILGM feed back


Can someone enlighten me as to the current status of MJ laws Down Under?
So far I could only find web articles scattered all over, I after some reliable sources like a gov link

Are we many (Ozzies) here,?, how does ILGM performs when it comes to Australia?

Kinda late, but recreational cannabis is illegal in all states in Australia, though it seems possession of small amounts is unlikely to result in prosecution. ILGM works fine here, in my experience, though I’ve only had one shipment. Stealth packaging was good and it was delivered, though did take a while. And the seeds germinated and grew, and I got a nice outdoor crop, enough to keep me supplied for years.

I also tried another seed supplier, Amsterdam Seeds or something like that but nothing ever arrived so they refunded me. And I bought some seeds from a local Australian supplier who sells online.

Got my seeds just fine (in South Australia), just pulled up my outdoor crop of 4 plants, drying as you read.