Australian import

I just ordered some seeds and I was just wondering if there were any Aussies on this forum that have successfully imported using ILGM?

Their stealth method seems pretty cool, but I’d imagine mail from Amsterdam gets a pretty good going over.

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I have had a few 'Mate" posts; So, I assume there has been. I know we have Aussie, and, NZ folks, and I believe all have been happy.

Imports have been reported into Israel; So I think we can get them into A.


I live in Aus and have just had second order delivered to Queensland.
Very happy.

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Thank you for the testimonial. :smiley:

Queenslander, 100% satisfied with the team at ILGM :sunglasses:


yep im from Darwin N.T the only problem was that it took just over 3 months both times to receive ALSO 3 Months to receive replacements. But I did receive them postage time is out of ILGM’S hands.
when I want another strain (love amnesia at the moment) ILGM is the only place I will order from!

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I bought seeds months ago and am still getting the run around. My opinion so far is so low of ILGM at the moment that I wont even describe it.

your better off going ANYWHERE else on the internet and not get burned here

Where are you at? In the states I’ve always received my orders in about a week or two. Plus we do have the guarantee, we will send replacements if something does happen to your seeds.

yeah…I don’t think we all could be bots, lol. Latewood and I are the only USA stateside employees and it is only as a part time gig, we don’t get paid much at all, certainly not by the amount of hours we actually spend on the website. Our operation in Amsterdam, where they will get your direct e-mails is a very small outfit, only a handful of employees, if that, besides Robert, Dennis and Claire and the e-mail does get really backed up, sometimes they even take forever to get back to me as a stateside employee, but trust me, they will get back to you and take good care of you. I would never have stuck around and supported them if I didn’t think they are one of the best seed banks out there.


Hey Agent_Orange,

My oders have both taken 3 Weeks, Oz customs could be backed up at this time year. Standard international mail can be slow round xmas/new year. Been very happy with quality of and packaging of both orders. Hope your goods turn up soon.

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Yeah it sometimes takes a good while as I stated it has taken 3 months each time to arrive in my mailbox, it is a long wait and it sucks but you will get your seeds.

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IN another thread, Aygent Orange said “I ordered my seeds in November”. Barely months. Now here is making posts all over the forum after asking for support. We have forwarded his complaint to the Office. Peace

Aygent Orange. You have submitted your request; Further rants are inappropriate, and will not be further tolerated. We are friendly here! So; You be too!

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Good on ya Latewood! that being said I apologise for a bit of a rant that I stupidly went on a few months ago about postage time of seeds that I ordered, ILGM done the right thing and posted them straight away so I was wrong in having a rant and I shouldn’t have done it as ILGM has no control of the postal service!
but yeah I hear you, why would he ask for support if he hasn’t got seeds! something smells fishy to me.
to me it sounds like a kid trying to scam some free seeds!
he said your better off going anywhere else on the net and not get burnt here, ILGM is the only one who is willing to send to Australia no other seed banks these days are willing to take the risk. so it would be interesting to find out how he would know!

We are all good. I find no fault in a rant. However; Once you rant, and get a reply stating we will look into it and help…At that point the rant is wrongly posted. We are all good.

I am sure the company will handle Aygent Orange’s order issue, and all will be good. :slight_smile: Peace

Very diplomatic! :smiley:

Cheers mate, Brendan.

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I am not an Auusie, but wish I was…LOL Ok Mates. welcome to ILGM. We are here to help. Peace :slight_smile:


Cheers Latewood,

Hey Aus Growers/Importers, asked Latewood if we can all use this thread for support/share the knowledge/help each other. All good.

Different probs here with heat/humudity etc.

How’s your ILGM grows goin?



Aussie here. Never had any sort of issue with seeds turning up from these guys. Have had issues from others.

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QUEENSLAND GROWERS WARNING! Hi guys, if anyone in Queensland buys seeds and they do not show up be careful, Customs is right on to it big time in QLD, they inform the local police who gets warrants to search the properties that they where marked to be sent to, i know as I just got raided today early in the morning, and I live in the bush 40min to nearest city, police drove for 31/2 hours to get to my place. So be warned if you live in QLD, do not buy seeds and get them sent to this state QLD


Your in Australia?

Yep, they will come into Western Australia no problems at all, but forget Queensland, Customs have dogs ect ect in Queensland and they stop everything here.

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