Buying seeds off ilgm from Australian

Is there any fellow Australians here that has purchased seeds from here ? If so tell me how it went thank you.

I have bought from here 4 or 5 times and ilgm always comes through with the goods. No complaints from a fellow aussie.


Last I knew ilgm put a temporary halt on shipping to Australia. That was earlier in the year when covid was kind of a new thing though, may have changed since then. I would check seed shop shipping policy or email customer service there prior to placing order.

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@Jorad ok cheers mate how long did they take ? And how long ago was it?

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Ok thanks @dbrn32 ok might have to send them and email to find out :+1:

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I’ve tried to order and was sent a refund as not shipping to au or nz. I’m in nz. That was about 4 weeks ago :weary:
Please let me know how you get on when you email them. If they are sending again I’d like to know. Thanks :blush:

I have just ordered more on the 29th of last month. Email yesterday saying they were shipped. Expect them over the coming week. Email also said seeds were already in country


Awesome! Where abouts are you? :blush::sunflower:

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Sweet as @Jorad ill start purchashing some seeds very shortly:) thank you

From regional Victoria.

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You’re welcome. Happy growing.

South Aussie here, got my seeds fine.

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