Purchasing Seeds

I live in Colorado and I’m trying to find different places I can purchase seeds from or get recommendations of places. I bought some from Colorado seed inc but they’re limited on indica strains and that’s what I need and prefer. I’ve never purchased online because I’m not sure if it legal to purchase online so I don’t want to chance it. Any help is greatly appreciated


Seeds are legal to purchase in the U.S. ILGM will sendem to your mailbox along with almost all other breeders.


Isn’t your State already full on recreational legal? Who’d jam you up?


People have been mail ordering seeds for decades. Its safe. Only thing that used to happen was they would get confiscated by postal service, but even that seems to be gone by the wayside.
And you can send cash and not have a paper trail , thats what many including myself do.


State laws have no bearing on Federal Interstate Commerce laws. Also the federal law prohibiting the sale and distribution of marijuana also comes into play. I believe seeds are technically cannabis and fall within the federal prohibition. That all said I live in an illegal state and thank God for ILGM et al.
The safest route is to buy seeds within CO. May have to do some research to find dispensaries on CO with something you want.


I live in an illegal state but seeds are legal to buy and ship to wherever you live in the US. Seed fall under the “Novelty item” to the US government and are legal. Growing and ect are state laws, so don’t be worried about shipping, and I think all that have ordered from ILGMA, seeds come In unmarked package. I was more worried about ordering my tent, and light then I was about the seeds.


ILGM BANK best on market now :heart_eyes::100::christmas_tree::green_heart:

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Hey man I’m in CO also, went through the same search and had no luck finding anything worthwhile locally. Almost seems like they don’t want home growers lol. I’ve ordered from ilgm four times now and have nothing but good things to say about them. Let me know if you find a place though!

That is true and customs can intercept and retain as contraband. Mail recipient technically can be in jeopardy but not worth the hassle.

They do not. Seeds legal all the way. Sprout 1 in a banned state and then illegal.


I purchased from here and im in a medical use state only and they arrived fine. I just used cash. The seeds have been great so far too.

I dont think its illegal to have or sell/buy seeds anyway. A brick and mortar hydro shop sells them as a novelty item near me, but these seeds are cheaper and the genetics much better, so far. Wish i just purchased from here from the get go

Check out those mixed pack prices man

Try sticky seeds uk and herbies seeds and gorilla seeds

My transaction with ILGM (CA ) delivered good (WA).
SSHF Germinated as advertised.
OUTDOOR Seedlings died promptly (next will wait until 4-20 for outdoor planting)
Tent relocated survivors and they are recovering well.
I have no remaining seed budget, this season.

I am in CO also! I had a clone provider who has since moved away. I have bought seeds from ILGM and Herbies. Someone recommended a couple of other providers to try.

Some growers have figured out how to swap seeds with one another to increase variety.

Best to you!


I live in VA, ordered from ilgm, no issues, very happy with purchase, would recommend.

Good luck!

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North Atlantic Seed Company is one I see some recommending it’s also California based. Marijuana Seed Shop in Amsterdam ships stealth and has a killer strain of Northern Lights. Don’t use Marijuana Grow Shop from Spain they do not send packages stealth and they get intercepted by customs, so I’m tole. Many use Crop King seeds from Canada, but not I.

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Seeds are completly legal and considered a novelty until placed in soil.


Can i please get a source on this? A basic google search says this is not the case.

Im in missouri and all the grow supply shops i go to say the same thing. But… i bet none of them will represent me in court lol. But they do have seeds on display

I live in good old VA i purchased WW auto buy 10 get 10 and in VA they made it legal to grow 4 plants per household. I tried to germinate 4 and 3 of them sprouted and growing fine. Had no problems with shipping