Purchasing Seeds

I would try irie genetics by Rasta Jeff. I won’t recommend a site, many ship his stuff. Mail order is legit as everyone stated.

The only reason I would recommend in Rasta Jeff is of his stuff is growing in Colorado. That’s where he breeds his grows. Does outdoor too. The stuff should work for you since it’s bred there.

Durban poison is old reliable. Some years that’s all that finished. Hardiest all around outdoor in my opinion.

Homegrown cannabis company is super easy to deal with. ILGM is super easy to deal with. They ship from a warehouse
in San Diego calif. Got them in a week. Most of the people on this site and that’s thousands have ordered seeds from ILGM I dont know of anyone in the US ever having a problem with getting seeds in the mail. You have nothing to worry about. We send weed through the mail all the time with no issues. Feds dont give a crap about seeds.

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I would do a Facebook scan for MMJ seed or clone trade groups in Colorado. If it’s anything like NY you’ll find at least 20 in your local area

NASC is in Maine. not California, and has a GREAT selection and turn around time. I’m on the East Coast and get my order in 3-4 days as opposed to 2-3 weeks in some cases.
NASC also lets you select your freebies in some cases.
If I need beans outside of my lifetime Ethos multi-pass North Atlantic is my first stop to shop!

Oh - and to settle the confusion - @beardless is correct! There seems to be this myth with growers that seeds are legal - and they are in LEGAL states. The Feds DON’T recognize those state laws and it’s still ILLEGAL at the federal level, INCLUDING seeds. By federal law they are illegal to own, sell and to ship across state lines via the mail.

Google is your friend…

I don’t know if the Oasis Cannabis Superstore in Denver sells seeds but its worth to check with them. Massive store north side Denver.

In addition to ILGM, I also recently purchased from North Atlantic Seed Company - quick shipping, easy payment and also good customer service like with ILGM. One of my seeds from NASC was chipped, they have an easy online form, I was emailed the next day with a nice note and a new seed was shipped to me the same day.

This is how I was told with seeds but there’s always that chance something can happen.

ILGM is your answer

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