ILGM seeds to Canada?

Has anyone bought seeds from this website and sent them to Canada?
Sending this type of stuff over a boarder dealing with boarder agents sorta raises a bunch of red flags for me
But I got my seeds from crop King and seems like they have mixed reviews. My X thought she could do it super easy because it’s a “weed” and she burned through all but 2 of my seeds and now they don’t sell seeds anymore.

So Canadians where do you buy seeds and why?
I’m looking at getting some texada time warp seeds for outdoor this year and would like to know where I can get some for when I switch jobs thus am able to be hoke Enough to grow.


Last I knew we were temporarily not shipping to Canada. I didn’t ask for explanation sorry. Web support faq currently not listing Canada either


Copy that thanks as always @dbrn32

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I do feel like someone had mentioned it was being worked on. But I don’t remember where. Perhaps one of the others has more information.
@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @latewood

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Well the idea of sending seeds across the boarder sorta setches me out to be honest.
Not really something you want to get stopped at customes on either side because that will fk your life up if you ever want to travel like I do on the regular.
I’m. Sure there are trusted seed banks here just haven’t n’t heard much of them


Can you just walk into licensed dispensary or something and buy them?

Unfortunately no.
Currently there is no legal way to obtain seeds or clones unless you are gifted a clone from a legal medical grow. The friends I do have that have these are to far away to justify it.
Of course with capitalism in full swing up here no legal producer is selling seeds… Hmm I wonder why probably because they want to sell you 15$ a gram legal cannabis and not grow your own lol.

Every strain has to be registered with the government, then someone in sure is buying the rights to these strains when they go through the registration process and thus if you get busted and they take you to court they will prove your growing or possessing an illegal strain. If it is a legal strain you must hold your records of how you obtained it.

No one’s going to kick anyone’s door down for 4 plants though so I’m not to worried.
It’s just crazy that the companys are all given a 1 time get out of jail free card.
It legit says in the law they are allowed to buy from a black market source but they must disclose who they got it from where and when then never contact them again. So basically take their seeds then rat them out to shut them down.

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That’s not fun at all. @HJL I believe is on your side of imaginary line. Maybe he has suggestion?

@Nicky I thought the law said that you are allowed to grow so many plants for personal use. In Ontario that is 4 plants per household. That being the case how can I get four plants it I can’t buy any seeds. I purchased seeds from online seed banks here in Canada before without issue. That being True North, Crop King and Xotic. However my local grow store and head shop now have seeds and I purchase from them on occasion. Right now I have had seeds gifted to me and bred my own so I have enough for now. I am on the medical side and can buy seeds from my LP when I get my medical growing license. It just seems that when recreational became legal the whole system got screwed up. @dbrn32


I thought so. Thanks for the feedback! I wouldn’t expect much differently really, #1 has to get their money.

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The federal law states 4, some provinces are putting such rules in to basically make it impossible to even grow 4 because of other laws.

Look here and go under adult possession

" * purchase cannabis products from a provincial or territorial retailer

  • grow up to 4 plants per residence (not per person) for personal use from licensed seeds or seedlings"

There is currently no licensed retailer that is sling seeds or plants. Your only gap is to find someone with a legal medical grow that is honestly doing everything legal and getting a clone from them.
Any seeds or clones you buy are illegal, because no medical grow can legally sell you anything they are not licensed to sell they only have a licence to grow for their own medical use and all licensed to sell producers currently do not have any seeds let alone any system for live plants to be sold.

So your grow is technically illegal, if anyone complains they can come knock on your door but don’t answer it make them get a warrant the second you talk to the RCMP your gonna wish you stayed inside just ignore them. They can’t legally make you talk to them and they can’t enter unless.

The police have the power to enter your home or business if:

  • you or someone else in charge of the property has given them permission
  • they have a warrant to arrestsomeone in your home or business
  • they have a warrant to search your home or business
  • there are urgent circumstances

I have no dog in the fight of what’s legal or isn’t. I thought you were looking for seeds, and seems HJL gave you a couple of options to try.

We are currently working on becoming an official purveyor of genetics to Canada. We are waiting on the Canadian government to finalize the process. Meanwhile, we cannot legally ship seeds there. Hope this helps you to understand. Peace, lw


Sorry got side tracked there yeah I’m. Looking for seed options for sure that are good.
Thanks @HJL the other 2 options True North and Xotic.
Crop King has also closed their doors because they are the ones I ordered my first seeds with but they are seeking to do it legally just like ILGM it seems

Thanks. @latewood for the official word.

So yeah I Geuss this has morphed into a what are the best places in Canada to get non legal seeds haha I will try the other 2 though if they are reputable banks?

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I did, @dbrn32
Im sure it won’t be much longer


Awesome, thank you gentlemen!

image|374x500 true north seed bank is awesome. Crop king still selling seeds though and I’m having pretty good results


You can buy them at almost any smoke shop in Albert, where’re are you ?

Ontario is pretty tight. The odd gas station and head shop carry native seeds who claim 100 percent germ rate. Guarantee lol just document I would

Hmm crop King wasn’t selling for a while I checked it the other day due to legal reasons… They had a scrolling message on their whole website but it’s gone now Wierd.

Okay well seems like I’ve been given true north seed banks name a couple time so I will wait and watch as they are selling the strain I’m trying to get my hands on, through bc bud depot.
Texada-timewarp is what I’m after, ideally ide like to grow 2 of those this year in my yard and 2 non autoflowering northern lights as I heard there some of the best hearty strains that can handle this western Canadian weather.

I’m in red deer but I haven’t attempted local stores, he’s buying his from a seed bank anyways so ide rather not deal with a middle man.