Are yellow leaves normal this time of year

Hello gardeners

These are Sour D’s, Blue Cookie and Gel 48s being grown on Long Island NY. I get 6 hours of sun at best. We’ve dipped to 63F at nite last week. But for the last 3 weeks we remove many many yellow leaves everyday. Is this senescence?


Alot of leaves will yellow and fall off or need removed this time of year, also in that stage of flower. You have plenty green ones left. Autumn is upon us

Especially older and lower fan leaves

Thank you for your response.

No problem man

Lower leaves will die off as she matures. The upper yellows give me the impression she may be hungry for some nitrogen. What’s been your feeding routine? Anything you changed up recently :love_you_gesture:


Well Ok I’m a bit confused, online research says when flowers start no more N. So since Aug 1 it’s been 0 10 10. You know I really felt 10 10 10 would be good the whole season.

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Still needed just at a lower dose, increased PK and decrease the nitrogen :love_you_gesture:


thank you my friend

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@Grojoe look hungry to me as well. OG’s got a Master Green Thumb, trust that dude!! :wink:

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Less N rather than none. Are you not using or following the recommended feeding schedule from a reputable nutrient line? I have used Fox Farm, Advanced Nutrients and Jacks. All provide base levels of nitrogen during flower. The amount of N may vary depending on the stage but it is there.
Feed them and they will be much happier.
Good luck


Thanks beardless. I gave them some N yesterday and they look better already in just one day.

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Calmag is 1.0.0 from ff

Just an update. Holy F word! All of you were right. I used MG 'cause I can’t top dress with blood meal dog digs it up. So adding N worked. Still some yellow because it’s fall. Thanks to all.

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Nice work and recovery Growmie. Very noticeable difference :love_you_gesture: