Some yellow leaves

Outdoor Wedding Cake in pots Magic frog’s September on Long Island. My buds are beautiful but some of leaves (not buds) are turning yellow. Sign of beginning of the end of growth cycle while flowering?
A little paranoid since last year was bud rot disaster.
Have been following the Bergman fertilizer schedule but only Flowertime Fertilizer so far. Have not applied Plant Booster yet
Suggestions ?


You are correct. The plant is meeting the end of its life cycle cause many leaves to turn yellow and die off. Pluck a few of them off so you can get more light to the growing flowers.

I’m still thinking they’re hungry for nitrogen looking at the paler green leaves. Nitrogen is a Mobil nutrient and moves where it’s needed. My assumption based on following the light green from low to high, lower ones will naturally die off but not to this extent. @AfgVet @Covertgrower


Without knowing any other info o would say she’s hungry as well. You’ve still got 4-5 weeks left? Too soon to see her cannibilize herself.


Looks hungry for nitrogen, just dont overdo it as too much nitrogen is a bad thing

So how much Nitrogen
I have:
I don’t want to burn them

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I am referring to level of nitrogen to give them
Sorry I’m an amateur

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I use jacks 321 with part A and a NPK ratio of 5-12-26. Most base nutrients will generally have the P 2-2.5 times the nitrogen ratio with a heavier potassium ratio. I’m not familiar with your nutrients :love_you_gesture:

Thanks I’ll pick up some Jacks