Are they overwatered? PLS HELP IDENTIFY

Hope you are all well

This is my 4th Growth.
These 2 strains are watermelon zkittles and pinneaple express, both autoflowers

  1. Germinating in paper towel then moved to soil coco mix in 20 oz solo cup

  2. March 5th, First sprout

  3. March 6th, watered 60 ml of ph-ed water 5.8

  4. March 12th Watered 90 ml of ph-ed water 5.8

  5. March 18th Watered 60ml of ph-ed water 5.8 (stop when ran off).

Now, the leaves are browning as picture attached.
Are they over watered? or possibly something else?
please help

What is the best solution for it?

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Coco needs a pH of 5.8-6.0 and soil needs a pH of 6.2-6.8, so this could be the issue. If your rh is really low also, the leaves will crisp up.

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Thanks for advice. Will fix the ph on the next watering

I really suggest transplanting into either solo or coco, but not a mix. And possibly having a couple more beans on standby. Being autoflowers, and heavily damaged, there’s a slim chance they’re going to really produce the way we all love. Autos normally start flowering at 3-5wks from sprout.

With coco, you have to feed it from day 1. No plain watering unless a flush is necessary. But instead of going feed, water, water, feed, or something like, it’s feed, feed, feed, feed. You want ppm’s right about 1,000, at the mentioned pH range.

In soil, depending on brand, it’s weekly feeding, with plain, pH’ed waterings in between. Most cannabis friendly soils have enough nutrients to last 4-6 weeks. Usually when runoff hits the 1,000 area it’s time to feed. And when feeding in soil, it’s recommend to mix nutes at 1/2 - 3/4 strength


Also, the plants roots being exposed to light will kill the roots. Put the clear cup in a colored solo cup or just put the plant in a colored solo.