Are these WW ready?

Are those your sugar leaves?
Either way, I see a much better combo of ambers and plastics (I call the white-heads “plastics”, don’t mean to confuse anyone!)

It’s looking great. I’d maybe wait another week or so…JP lol.
For me, personally, I’d harvest them now.
Remember that they’ll slowly continue to change from clear>plastic (white) > amber even after harvest, (just not as fast, but it still does a little bit).

Judging from the two pictures you posted today, I’d say they’re ready and that your maiden voyage should now advance to the next level lol.

If you have any questions regarding harvest/drying, you’re at the right place to address all of your questions akd concerns.

Feel free to tag me in any future posts you have I’m regards to your harvest.


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These were right on a calyx from one of the main colas

I have noticed quite a bit of change in the last few days. I appreciate the info. I’ve read up on harvesting/drying/curing, and try to read as much as I can before I ask questions on here. I’m a little nervous about drying in the garage because of lower temps, but from what I’ve read it’ll just take longer. I’m gonna run a fan and a dehumidifier in there.

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Try and keep RH in check 65 62 % and once small twigs “snap” and dont bend make a transition to trim stems away and paper bag em for a day tunble em around so any un even moistyre evens out when all feels the same they are ready for jars next day when u jar reach in and feel the buds if u feel any dampness take them out and back into bags for a day …and ive seen colder weather us usually low humidity well atleast my area is. I cant speak for the north im in florida

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And reason i said that about sugar leaves because the outter trics look whiter then tword the inner parts of the pic they look clearer… Dont rush it there still fattening up patience pays

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The soonest I’ll be able to harvest is this weekend, I’ll take some pictures right at the buds at the end of the week to make sure. And thanks for the info on drying and curing, that helps a lot.

I can let you know my harvest/drying process if you’re at all interested, come harvest time for you.

The process you take and the manner in which you do it depends on several environmental factors, imo.
So there’s no overall 100% perfect method, it varies from harvest to harvest.

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I forgot to mention before the window to edit posts ran out:

Can you post a pic or two of your plant(s) as they look right now (if possible)?
I’m not looking for super close-ups of the trichomes as we know that those are maturing + ambering right on target.

I’m more curious as to what the rest of your plant(s) is/are saying.

Just wondering how the fan leaves and the rest of her looks right now, tbh… I’m mostly curious regarding any yellowing. Have they started to yellow/fade at all yet?

Edit#2: I assume there’s at least a little yellowing/fading going on. I believe you started to flush about 11-18 days ago now, no?
While I assume, I obviously dont know for sure. You know what they say about people who assume!

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Yes, I would love to hear about your process for drying and harvesting for sure!

I will take and post those pictures here in a couple of hours when I get off work.

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There’s some discoloration but not all that much yellowing at all.

Is that old school mainline

I’m not sure what that is?

Google search main lining mj training

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Nah, this is just topping

Got ya nice looking plant nice and symetrical

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Thanks man, I’ve had some issues along the way, but looking like 1 out of my 2 plants are going to do fine. The one not pictured is super small. Produced buds, but not gonna get much out of it.

I forgot were these autos or photos ? If there photos it really makes u want a veg tent and a flower tent huh wish she coulda vegged a liiil longer right? But your all in one place start to finish… After my first harvest i figured im gonna need 2 spaces real quick i started cloning right away i was doing all the right things un trained in the wrong order … You develope a method that sticks in ur head and u barley need your ph meter or tds meter at all

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Photos. Exactly, I really wanted to do some clones, but with only 1 space and light it made it pretty much impossible. My plan was to use to outdoors as much as possible and just roll them into the garage at night and on cloudy days. Next year, I aim to start earlier and utilize more sunlight instead of grow light.

That is full time job down here in florida to get even 8 to 9 hours of sunlight in flower season its almost impossible its so flat here everything makes shade i did just that found a cart to fit em all and i musta looked funny as hell …charioting my plants around like im the hourse and they were inbthe carridge

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My wife makes fun of me rolling my little ladies in and out of the garage on my homeade carts :sweat_smile: