Are these WW ready?

Your not alone …its not weird its love

Here’s the current state of affairs from today’s check-up. The fan leaves are still somehow green, but some of the sugar leaves are getting a little funky. Trichomes have changed a little, but not much.

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Id say you got about 2 to 4 days left

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It’s been a few days since I’ve had the chance to check in here, my apologies lol.

That first picture, is she a hermie? It looks kind of like seed/pollen sacs, but it’s hard to tell.
Otherwise they look great.

Keep us posted on your harvest.
Later on today when I have more time, I’ll post some methods I use for harvest/drying/curing since you said you’re interested.

I just wanted to check in quickly for a minute here. I’ve been slacking on these forums lately lol

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I sure hope they’re not hermie. Didn’t see anything through the flowing process to make me think so.

No sir those are fat calyxys they get round like peas when your on the right track if you dont see fuzzy peas everywhere your doing something wrong those sre beutiful girls …i look at your leaves and i laugh and they look exactly like the ww ilgm i grew for years i had 1 ww ilgm and kept its genes alive for 6 generations every leaf looked like that i remmeber them well i saw alot of them good job man shes gonna be piney spicy as hell i hope looks great gotta be getting close

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Man, I’m getting excited for sure. I’m going to start the 48 hours of dark and harvest on Saturday morning. I’m tempted to try to take a few cuttings off the large one and see how they do. I know it’s late for clone snipping, but hell I’ve got nothing else to grow until a new seed is in soil in a few months. Might give it a try for shits and giggles

It will work it will take extra long to grow to transition back to veg being in such late flower gonna be a tough clone but its possible

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Got it all trimmed and drying! No idea if this is a good yield or not.

I’m going to use the sugar leaf trimmings for edibles/tincture. Should I let them dry out for awhile as well?

Any harvest is a good harvest slow dry is the best dry dont rush em into the jar… When small diameter branches befin to snap like twigs then cut buds apart to abot thumb shaped i like to do …put in a paper bag with a couple paper towels in it over night in a win dixi bag mostly open dont wanna over dry… Then when there dry enough to almost smoke in a joint and not go out i put in jars …might have to try and smoke some to see yea thats still wet… Learn the plant…y is it to wet it feels dry… The moisture inside need to even out with the dryness outside and thats how the hud cures properly over atleast a couple week time period… Most pppl iver look this department when this is the most important time to have paid extra attention to … 62% rh is desired u wanna jar when u still have adequete nouisture for the bud to cure if u drop below the 50% moisture line curing stops your stuck with that taste and smell… Probally very grassy hay like… No bueno


But yea dude looks like they woulda plumped a lil more on u but i bet they will still be a good buz look sticky

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Thanks for the advice, I’m about 1 week into drying and it seems to be going nice and slow. My thoery on them not being as plump is the cold weather. Right when they should of been fattening up we had our cold coming in. I think this probably inhibited them from reaching their potential. That’s my fault for planting too late, next season I’ll time it out better.

Oh you were outside?

They were in a garage

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