Are these ready to harvest?

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Similar question… Does this white widow look like it’s ready to harvest? My first harvest…

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From what I see they can go another 2 weeks if not 3 or 4 , but checking the trichomes is the only sure way to know for certain .

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Thank you very much!!!

From the photo they have some resin on the buds , but it has potential to build triple that from what I see in my opinion . But you on the right track , as for me I’ll give them more time to swell and fatten up more and build more resin .

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Okay, Yoshi. What do you think? Is she ready now??

Mine is a very small plant and believe it is getting close although the tric are still pretty clear…So I would let it go. Get a gewlers loop…If u go by that and a chart…clear milky or Amber you’ll get it right for sure!
Nice first grow! Mine too…One plant 4 tops one lollipop lol
Happy growing!
Her’s a picture of mine…

Look for the crystals

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Great piks. This proves my point on the fact that; If you harvest when merely the “pistils” are done and turned Red; You will have unfinished buds. This is evident by the last picture.

The only sure way is to used a 60x 100 jewels loupe and check the actually trichomes .

Is this purple Haze ready to harvest. It didn’t grow well. Only just re-potted it. Didn’t have correct soil or feeding, so all my mistakes, first time grow, outside.

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