Is this ready to harvest?

A question from a fellow grower:

Hydro Super skunk in 6-7 week flower. Pls tell me ur thots re harvest. If they r not ready yet, but getting close, do I start flush with straight ph water, or wait longer to let trichomes turn amber. U r the best, and I appreciate u and ur staff’s wisdom.

Not staff but your gals L(.)(.)K at least a month off to me just seeing the hairs.

Where are you growing? Isn’t it mid-NOV. where you are? Did I miss the date of your post? BTW, a computer wiz I know sez you can determine location from digital pictures posted.

Short answer no… There are two main ways to tell if your buds are ready to harvest. First way (and a little less accurate) is to look at the hairs on your buds. It looks like on the bottom picture that the tips are starting to go from the fatter white hairs to the smaller, dried out looking hairs. Your buds are done when they are about 90% to 100% brown/dried out. From what I can tell it looks like one more feeding needed and then start flushing your plants.

The second method is to get a microscope (they are pretty cheap from amazon). If you look at the trichomes at the beginning of their development they are clear. As they mature they will become cloudy (early stages of being ready) and eventually turn amber (late stages).

Hope that helps, and good luck with your grow!

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I like to wait till I see some Amber trichomes.

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I ended up having to pull them right away. Some kind of fly, mite or fruit fly type bug started living in the soil! I haven’t researched it yet but I did have to pull up the plant and get rid of that soil. It’s been hanging in the closet, upside down since Friday. So from what I’ve read, I should leave it there for about 5 days then separate buds and store in glass jars…?

There is ways to do it in the guides sections. Everyone has different ways to dry and cure. I think you got the bugs from over watering. Fungus knats love wet soil.

Looks good! How bout mine? Think she’s ready? Feminized Bruce Banner


Same plant. Trich’s seem ready. HAve condo inspection soon. Need advice fellow peeps.