Is this ready for harvest, and should I do to circumstances given

Hello, first I’d like to say thankyou to ilgm, and the support forum! You all are the best and always help.

So, I am doing an outdoor grow where I used fem. Zkittlez and SuperSkunk by ilgm. It’s a living soil that I started them in, and then placed them in regular dirt outside once they were to big. I harvested most all my plants, but have this one left that was nearly a month behind the others. Even though all germ. And started the same time. This last plant ended up turning purple, but was the only one. It is a def Super Skunk. It’s near to being harvested, but I am not seeing the amber as well as I like to, about half of the trichomes. It has extremely swollen ccalixes, and all the hair has turned orange. All the tricomes are very strong and cloudy. I’m facing a week of rain coming up, and I’ve already cut out 2 or 3 instances of bud rot, specifically botrytis. I havent seen much amber color significantly change in the last 2 weeks! Thankyou for all suggestions on what I should do.

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I am an indoor guy but I would suspect that others would want to see the cloudiness of your trichomes before answering. Could you do an up close pic of your trichomes while the light is on? If your facing conditions that will most likely cut it to your losses it may be best to harvest.


I think it looks close, but I can’t zoom clear enough to say for sure. Your best bet is to check the trichomes under magnification.

Need better close up pics of trichomes to be able to give u a answer

How do I get food shots of my trichs with my phone? Is there an app? And I’ve left them out, so far so good. It was 29° here in upstate NY yesterday morning, and I swear the snap kicked the buds and trichs in thier ass, as there is notably more amber overnight than I seen in a week and a half of being just spotty. If I was to guess, I would think no longer than a week, weather permitting, and praying the mold keeps at bay!

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U need microscope or jewelers loop to get good pics not unless u have the lastest iphone

Is ur phone camera equipped with a macro lens setting if so u can try that and see if it works enough for now. Might get on the play store and see if they have a macro lens app u can download to try til u can get one in to use. Any cheaper USB microscope will work to tell what’s needed the might appear to be cloudy now on a pic but when u zoom in they might be clear as glass lol. Good luck