Are these growing as the should?

OK. Lesson learned, but it was drying out VERY fast. I am going to order the rapid rooters. Looks very similar to a germination box with a lid that I already have. I have the light up as far away as I can. @Covertgrower

It’s likely due for a transplant into a medium.

OK. I have more of the pots shown above. Thanks for your help! @Covertgrower

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OK, I just went up and checked on the kids. They looked and felt VERY dry, and look very pale. My tent even with the built in fans was 90 degrees. I put the smaller fan in it and gave them a little bit of water, but this isn’t going as I though it would. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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My first thought is lighting, might need something bigger/better if not try and lower the current one. Also as far as the heat goes are you exhausting air? If not try to some way some how exhaust that warm dirty air and also a fan inside to circulate air. My seedlings never look like that but I have about 5 different options as far as lights go all led.

No experience with jiffy. But I use happy frog usually for the entire grow cycle. Sumtimes I run 50happy frog 50ocean. Can you share some details/specs on your lighting? Iv grown my entire life and I have found out it is usually best to water and do your maintenance and let them be for 2to5 days and repeat. Our if you feel the need pop in on them daily and let them be for the next 2to5 days and just repeat. Allot of people I help or setup rooms/tents for are just over excited and do to much as far as tinkering with them and watering.


I think its the opposite, too much light and heat, but what do I know. That’s why I’m here. Light is a 135W QB V2 Rspec . I moved them today to another location with a Burple light. I think the light was too much but then after moving them today I remember that you can turn that other light down with a screw driver. Tent has inlet and outlet fans but the tent would still get up to 90 degrees even on all the time. I have ordered a circulation fan for it. @HuJack007

Good deal my worry for ya is more so the stretching which you can fix after a few weeks as long as they are growing correct. But I have always had better growth threw out veg if I didn’t have any stretch. Good call on burple light I have a couple left, end of last year I upgraded to the new white led. However it seems my younger ones seedlings grow stronger and faster under a burple. Also your fan will help with stretching too thats a must. That light the Rspec puts out a good bit of heat then? I don’t have one but I researched them before upgrading last year and some of them you can remove the driver on top and place outside of your tent this is where your heats coming from, well most of it.

I have a 4week old northerlight auto ill show you a pic of. Its been fimmed/topped under a burple light since day 1, I just moved it outside yesterday just to make more room in my indoor room. No newts yet and foxfarm happy frog soil and only 1gallon fabric pot i couldnt get any of my northernlight seeds to germinate so after 6 days I threw them in a pot and go figure popped up a couple days latter

This is what I am temporarily. I still don’t like the color, but they seem to be adding leaves. Concerning happy frog, I see there are several varieties. Which one is best for this use?


Looks much better man :+1:. I see you have a fan, my advise would be put it level with your plants and aim it slightly up so your blowing air over soil and low on your plants while blowing any hot air up and away. Hot air should rise any was right your just helping it.
As far as fox farms goes I stick with the happy frog for the most part. I do mix happy frog and ocean forrest 2to1 sometimes as well always great results. But Iv always found out when it comes to budding it is all about your lighting

I didn’t want to put it up there, but there isn’t room below. This is just a temporary setup. I forgot about having that fan. There is more than one variety of happy frog. Robot or human?

Just saw this pic on here is this something you can do with your tent but reverse it to exhaust (blow out) hot air

forgot upload pic


Right now, that’s just one of those clear indoor greenhouses in a closet. I wanted to see how they responded to the other light before I do anything with the tent. If they look better I will either turn down the existing light in the tent, or move the burple light over to it. The tent has one intake fan at the bottom, and two exits at the top.

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Hi, Just wanted to know how do I ask a question in the forum , I dont see anywhere to ask? Thanks

I cannot help you there my guess is look for a create or post new forum link.

II believe you need to make a few posts first.

Got her now Thanks.

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