Are these Foxtails repost

I don’t think my pic came through on other post. Are these foxtails?

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Yes, but slight.

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Like @BobbyDigital has said the start of em

Is this one norma

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Being that early in flower it’s likely genetic. Late flower foxtails can be caused by the light being too intense.

These plants are beginning week 7 of flower today

What light are you using and how far from the plant?

Mars hydro tsw 2000 and the light is about 14 inches from the bud that you said was starting to foxtail and 12 inches from bud in my last pic. I can’t raise light any higher in my 6.5 foot tent.

Is there a dimmer control on the light? I’m not familiar with that light

Yes there is

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Can you turn them down to about 75%?

And foxtailing isn’t terribly bad… it does give an indication of light stress or maybe even just genetics. You just have to make sure when looking at the trichomes, you look at the older buds and about 1/3rd the way down the plant.

Hard to say but if it is, it’s minor so far.