Are There any types of LED light that can used to admire your plants in their 12 hour dark cycle?

Ok, I know it’s probably not a good idea to look at your plants during their dark cycle. I have a “headlight” that has a red and a green LED that can be used by themselves. Does anyone know if either can be used without adversely affecting the plants?

I have read that you can use green and it will not bother them. I have not tested the theory. Obviously you don’t want any light on behind you the area needs to be completely dark.


With a small light like that you could probably use the green, but I would only do so as necessary and for short periods of time.


patience young grasshopper.!! lol
it is just a 12 hr dark period, they will be fine during that time.!
when lights come back on u will have 12 hrs to view your plants.!!


A green light is ok for quick checks. Really, though, try to do everything you need to do during your plant’s daytime.

It’s so hard to keep your eyes off them, though, isn’t it?


I use a green CFL in my flower room because I only spray my plants in the dark… I’ve left that light on for 4 days before with no I’ll effect… not saying that it’s a good practice , but it wont hurt plants…
Now any other type of green light and I’m not so sure… a friend of mine thought he could use green Christmas lights and seeded out his whole room… like I said , a green CFL is all I use…


The draw is remarkable!


While the rule of thumb and the experience of the grow guru’s here is that the dark period is sacrosanct and not to be molested in any way… I only look when my flowers are in the down side of bloom period and with only the lite of my flip phone – yes I still have and operate a flip phone… But a question arises !

For outdoor growers - what harm is done to the lite cycle when a full moon is out ? Lite is lite – if outdoor experiences no significant harm or ill affects then I believe small amounts of low lite will not adversely affect the plant or flowering process for the indoor grower.


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no harm at all,
cannabis has adapted to the low levels of light from the moon,
yes, that means, even indoor plants can handle a small amount of light during the flowering dark period, but it is not advisable to introduce any light source to avoid problems.!

with enough of it, even green light can hermi plants.!!
u r using 13-26w of cfl so it is not strong enough to cause big issues.


Moonlight despite appearing to be bright at times has basically no measurable intensity. That’s pretty much the difference.