Light k spec and green light questions

O.k. first question is there any validation of using green light during flowering.

Second question i run 2 600w hps i always thought that you would keep everything the same like i use 2050 k but i saw a nice grow room with lights having different k like 2500 and 3000k in the tents with green leds at 4ft pointing horizontally.
I have never seen this before so that is why the question.


I argue with my father often about this point… now let me say i have NO SCIENTIFIC proof of any of this. But plants are green because they reflect from the green spectrum. Thus its kind of a wasted spectrum in comparison to blue n red.
Also he seems to believe since they dont use the green spectrum then it would make a great ‘night light’. Im of the thought: any light is still light. So a green light would keep them awake during necessary dark period. And be too weak to be of anyvalue if used during the day.

@dbrn32 @Aolelon am i thinking right here?




Green wavelengths not a big contributor to photosynthesis, but plants do use them. Disregard McCree here and lookup newer studies from NASA and Oxford. I would highly suggest you get a cold beer or whatever your poison is and a tightly rolled spliff before you begin and take notes lol.

As far as the light thing goes, I’d tread carefully. Something like a low intensity green headlamp for a short period of time on irregular basis probably fine. But I wouldn’t be plopping a green lightbulbs in your grow thinking you can go in and out whenever you want frequently.


Thanks. Long story short. Blues n reds

Thats what i was thinking but he keep telling me that the green lights with the others make it have more oil and resinous trichomes and i know everyone grows different but he kinda of got frustrated when i asked the reason for 5 cob green lights. That’s why I posted this to see if there’s something im missing or a new trick to learn thanks for responding @dbrn32

It’s way more complicated than that. If we were only worried about chlorophyll would be more of a true statement. But the other wavelengths contribute to other processes of the plant.



Thus the reason white LED lights are taking over right now, because they include this green spectrum (along with efficacy). Whereas blurple LEDs only pick the spectrum they want, usually in the 400 and 600nm range.


There’s no leds lights in this setup except for the green cobs @Aolelon

Sorry, that was in response to purpngold.
Your HID lighting already incorporates this spectrum for the most part.

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This guys like weird Jimmy he grows weird and does all kinds of shit i have never seen before and acts like it’s the secret ingredient to the bbq sauce when I asked about those that why im bothering everyone on here lol :laughing:


Thanks for the explanations fellas. Nice tidbits. N now i know a bit more :grin::+1:t5:

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One of my friend is like that, I stopped talking growing with him because I would kinda get upset at him because he clearly wouldnt listen to simple things like PH is KEY.I only send him pictures of beautiful buds once in a while hoping sometimes he is gonna come back to me and ask “so how do you do that?”. I gave him clones months ago and well they didnt turn nowhere near what I have done of their mother :stuck_out_tongue: He introduced me to growing and it feels like the “master” wont take advice from the beginner so yeah haha.


People stuck in their old ways thinking it’s best. Everyone can always learn something I dont care who it is.


A lot of truth in that.

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Yeah, luckily I found you guys cause I only know him that grows!!


I use a green CFL light in my flower room just incase I have to do stuff when lights are out… like spraying and just basic check up… and have never had any issues… I’ve even left it on for 4 days straight , with no issues… :wink:
Your buddy is pulling your leg… there is no benefit from green lights , other then being able to go into your flower room when lights are out and not stressing out your girls and having them hermi on you… green cfls … never tried any other kinds of green lights… :wink:


See. This makes pops right. Can anyone second this line of thought? Not doubting u fuzzman. Just… doesnt seem safe

I would not bull$hit you… I’m only here to see you succeed… :wink:
Like I said , I only use the green cfls for lurking in the dark… :grin:
I have never tried anything else… but a friend of mine tried to use green Christmas lights and seeded out his whole room … like I said … I’ve only been successful with green cfls with no issues… :wink:
The one thing that I can tell you for sure , is that green lighting isn’t going to do anything positive for your grow… it just allows for you to tend to them in the dark… :wink:


So u used them like in the room lighting. Not the ‘sun for plants’ lighting? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Can dig it…

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I whas taking to a guy, and he say The Green Light in combo whit adderas Light in par and micromol and thinks i dident anderstand.
He say The Green Light whos The key to beter yeld all over.
Its whos The ower of hellospectra lamps