Are my clones getting new growth?

So my fellow growers, off the bat i took 2 clippings off my bag seed girl, just after flowering, id say week2/3, i was just experimenting so havnt kept a timelog, i used clonex rooting gel, straight into soil, i give them as much light as possible but it is nowhere near 24hrs, i mist them every so often making sure the dome is misted to and the like. Today i checked them and i think im seeing new growth, i am defo not a pro or such so i would like someone who does to maybe tell me if it is or if i should just let em go?
Many Thanks

@garrigan62 iv just seen your guild to cloning, could you possibly help me with these?? TIA


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. But i needed a break…had to stop from getting burnt out…
Any way …Ya looks to be new growth and if it truly turns out that it is then that tells us they your clones have roots and are doing well.
But I am concerned on what that soil is your clones look like they are showing signs of over watering .




That is ok we all need a break some times :wink:

Thank you for your opinion it is very apprieciated, now my soil is MG, its not great i know, i made the first mistake there but i didnt have anything else! So overwatering, should i take the domes off for awhile and let the soil dry out?

Im new to the whole growing garden let alone cloning :see_no_evil: i like to experiment and dabble :slight_smile:

Is there any way to open or just shift it so that it can release some moister ?
And if there is that much moister, then you shouldn’t have to be misting them at all.


Absolutely too wet by the looks of it! They look like they’re on the fence to stem and root rot, in which case they will surly die.

Brushing a little powdered sulfur on the stem will kill bacteria and not harm the plant.



That’s a neat little trick.

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@garrigan62 yes i can take the dome off and let them air out that way? I thought they had to be misted all the time, as thats they way they feed until roots develop? I will stop misting until needed!! Thank you :slight_smile:

@Shatter i dont have sulfur powder, i will invest! I do have DE if thats any use to them? Also should i add some perlite? I dont wanna mess around with them too much but i wont be able to tell if they have roots yet unless i mess with them :see_no_evil:

Im not too bothered if they dont take, it was just an experiment :wink:


As I said above., if they are sprouting new growth then they have roots.

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Great!! I will do my best to dry the soil out asap, could i sprinkle perlite on top? That should absorb some right?

You may want to try foliar feeding to assist in nutrient delivery, make sure it’s highly soluble and flowering formula for the higher P for building roots! Follow the mfg directions for foliar feeding, not all plant foods can be used this way. Look it up on the net, I used a power washer with plant food in the soap bottle to save my garden one time!

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Step 1: let them dry out.
Step 2: some light reading on foliar feeding and root building.
Step 3: apply new knowledge to clones and hope for the best…

Thank you. Anything else you may think il need please dont be shy :slight_smile:

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I forgot…what is this mfg you speak of?

Manufactoring guide??

I think i understand abit more now so i will be purchasing and applying asap :ok_hand:

They are in the sunshine as i type so that should do them some good.

I shall keep this as the clone journal and update if they take off :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Direct sun may harm them if they’re not used to it and came from a low light intensity environment, they’re in no condition for the photosynthesis needed for sunlight, perhaps blocking the direct sunlight light with a white kitchen trash bag would work but I don’t recommend it, they need to adapt to sunlight! It can even kill a healthy plant if not properly acclimated.

My plants are 2 days old and under a full spectrum led bulb can I put my plant in direct sunlight?
Please help and do they look healthy and on course??

Yes but I recommend under a shade tree to start where it’s getting broken up sunlight and skylight.

Seedlings are better equipped to handle the change than full grown plants.

About 3 or 4 maybe 5 days at the most depending on the plant’s overall conditions, increasing the direct sunlight gradually.

A cloudy week make the best conditions! Sunny every day needs filtering.

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Thanks for the advice. Do you think they look good and healthy?

Yes! But genetics and individual offspring character are an entirely different story! Not to mention waiting for male/female pre-flowers unless they 're feminized.