Am I doing something wrong?

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tips would suggest too many nutrients in your soil? or over under watering

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@Donaldj is going to be a way better resource for stuff like this. The only thing I would add is to ask if you have adequate holes placed in that cup?

Very easy to over water, and no air to the roots could essential be the same issue.

I stoped giving the clone food and it started doing that. I also brought my light closer to the plant, everytime i water i habe a bit of over drain, but how often should i water ? I usually stick my finger in the soil a few inchs and wait till ita dry. 3-4 days for the clone and almost everyday for the seedlings

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you have to water everything that often? what have your temps been like if your plants drink fast they eat fast so your clone having been fed would be prone to nute burn your seedlings shouldn’t need daily water unless space is both too hot and too dry

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Ya the mh bulb throws off alot of heat ! Ill try watering less !! I might be going overboard seems to be really dry tho

I have ready that if you get a drop of water of two on the leafs it can get a burn spot there. The water drop is like a magnifier of your light source.


I have sprayed water a few times in the last week!
Didnt know it would do that@tr33

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How is the grow?

I domt know if im doimg this right lol wht do u think?@tr33


Nice work. How are the seedlings doing? Do you check the temps in that closet? I see the fan, so that is good. Getting an idea of the temp and humidity in there will help you help your plants.

@Tr33 no i dont check the temps but there doimg pretty good for growimg under a 400 watt hid light. I should have them under something els, gettimg a bit of light burn. But i will show u pic when i get back home !!

Im moviing in 10 days and ill be setting up in a basement walk in closet and i live in canada already gettimg cold here so its gonna be good for a hid light i hope


That is good. I am thinking to do my grow so my night is the plants day over the colder months so I can utilize the heat from the lights to keep the plants warm…less time I will need to heat the room. I live in fl, but in a trailer, so when it gets colder here, it is even colder inside.

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Ya thats a good idea !! Right on man

@Tr33 hey man just wanted to show you how my seedlings are going , think they are doing alright for being under a 400 watt Hid .? !@Donaldj @dbrn32 @Tr33. @Countryboyjvd1971

And also i domt kowif its good or not buti took off this ugly fan leaf seems like itwas awaste of space and energy lol thoughts? @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Tr33. @Countryboyjvd1971 are there any leaves that i could trim or take off without effecting the over all yield and quality of the bud ??? tips or advice ?


If they are mostly healthy don’t trim


Looking good! I know it is hard to look at less than perfect leafs, but as donaldj said, if they are more alive than dead, leave them.

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@Tr33 @Donaldj @dbrn32 u guy think this pot is good size its beside a 5 gal in the pic

Sure, bigger pot than I usually use.