Apps or otherwise

I figured equipment would be the best place to post this:

Anyone use any sort of apps paid or otherwise to help them with their grow? It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the grow but maybe it keeps you organized or what not.

What about random gadgets or tech you may use as well?

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Photon is a light meter and DLI calculator that’s very useful


I second above photone app for iPhone only tho, have heard not very accurate on other phones . Don’t know y? If looking for light info cocco for cannibas com 3 party independent reviews are spot on. Also they have a light calculator definitely check it out, and YouTube can be useful
Another side not free sample pack extreme gardener .com great sample pack you pay shipping cost me like 8 buck definitely worth it
Will be watching this thread to see what others say, I need all the help I can get lol Great post tho


I have a app its called PPFD meter it does lux and par and dli readings and i have another app that i control my light i can dim the light set the timer turn it on and off

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GrowwithJane app. I keep track of pretty much everything with that app. Age, feedings, temps, bite recipe, RH, DLI, trimming, etc.

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I use excel to keep grow journals, nutrient mixes, feeds, ph & ppm info. I dislike phones so no go on phone based apps. Except I did download the Photon app recently. I don’t know where my phone is so I have not tried it out yet. I am thinking about a Govee for temp & rh history though.
USB microscope
Scrog frames on wheels

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