2 apps to help you grow bud! android

These 2 apps have been a great help in my grow and would like to share them with you all :slight_smile:

App #1: Galaxy Sensors

  • senses temp,humidity,lumens,air pressure and altitude.

App #2: Sun Position Demo

  • Has a camera mode that shows you the location of where the sun rises all the way till it sets and for the moon as well in your location. Good if you are trying to get some window light for your plants and need to know how many hrs you have to work with.
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Don’t want to burst your bubble, but, frankly, the first one can be replaced with something you know is properly calibrated (I know how far a “lux meter” app is out, nowhere near real life) and if you don’t know how much direct sunlight a window gets just by looking then I think some things have to be re-evaluated.

I’m all for things that can help a grower, but you have two gimmicks which, frankly, don’t. Sorry.

You must be fun at partys…
This helps you get an idea, you dont have to be exact on the lumens but it gives you a good idea when comparing lights. And some people dont have time to check what hrs they have sunlight at a specific window.

Mate, when an app is reading at least 100% lower than “real”, then it’s as much use as a fart in a spacesuit.

And you don’t know which direction is North, South, East and West? It’s easy to figure out where the most light is from there