Anyone use Coast of Maine for acidic plants outdoors

Anyone use Coast of Maine for acidic plants outdoors?

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Not yet have heard very good things about this company - there price range is in line w9ith oterh soil, ect. Plan on getting some of their products (contact them and ask for a discount code for purchase)

There are a few Coast of Maine growers here that do just fine. I’m not sure that I would buy a version of it that is intended for acid loving plants. Good cannabis soils need to be buffered such that pH can be maintained between 6.3 and 6.8.

I was curious because the bagged soil I buy is 7.5 ph. would be nice to buy soil that is perfect pH for cannabis, then again I’m not sure what pH is on this coast of main acidic product?

I guess that begs the question, is there a bag soil you can buy that is the right pH for cannabis?

Your thoughts at @MidwestGuy ?

I am sure soon, with legalization, there will be tons of competition for soil, lights. nutes…

Agreed. I’ve been researching and there is such a thing. Found a good recipe to make my own too.

Thanks @steve2 for the tip!

Fox Farm, Roots Organics, and Black Magic are all good soils that are buffered for cannabis. Stay away from anything made by Scott’s, Vigoro, or Miracle Grow.

Thank you, much appreciated!