Anyone ever use fox farm nutes and advanced nutes at the same time

I use fox farm nutes but i was wondering if anyone has added any of advaced nutrients into the line up with fox farm. i was thinking of adding ‘AN’ overdrive for the final two weeks of my grow with my other fox farm base nutes and bloom boosters does anyone have any thoughts on the matter. is this a terrible idea?

I’m still trying to figure out what the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen is and how to use them. I’ve got a half dozen bottles that I have no idea when to use them. I’m guessing some are used for diff issues with plants.

yes but half of that you will probably never use once in the entire time you grow you pretty much will just need your base nutes and bloomerang and you bloom boosters and prolabably wanna get some cal mag at some point

Just follow the schedule @Grizzlybare

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i got that i wanted to see if anyone has used advanced nutrient products with fox farm nutes before

A lot of people use combined nutrients.
Just remember your NPK ratios add together.


Did I read that correctly that your plan is to shower their last 2 weeks with nutes?

@Grizzlybare If you have the FF Dirty Dozen, it has a pamphlet that describes the different mediums.

Gringo Rasta Soil
Happy Frog
Gringo Rasta Hydroponics.

If you need help, please let me know. For the record I don’t do the foliar sprays. :+1:

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i wouldnt say advanced nutrients overdrive is showering it with nutes considers it has a nkp of 0,2,4 and to begin with that wasnt the question

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@ianl272 well never have mixed nutrients advances with fox farm I use floral pp

Hey there. I have been growing for a few years in a four by three grow tent. 2 CO2. 1 carbon filter. I am currently using fox farm soil with half Cocoa. I am on day 18 of flower. I have been using bud candy from the get go and just added second round of big bud. Three godfather OG and one blue Dream. To make a long story short they love it. I would recommend half the dosage 1 st feed then increase accordingly.