Fox Farm Dirty Dozen + Cal-Mag......please help

Hey everyone I just picked up the fox farm dirty dozen and also fox farm Cal-mag, I have never used these Type of nutrients before if anyone has experience I’d like some pointers on how I should use, will be used on ILGM super mix pack autos and also 3 bag seed photos, thanks in advance.

I’ve not used the Dirty Dozen. I know that @MrPeat has, but I know he hasn’t been on forum as much recently. Hopefully someone can help out. :+1:

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I’ve used them before I switched to AN just follow the schedule. Start at half strength

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@ADK_Guerrila What soil are you using?

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Base soil is Pro-Mix Organic garden and cow manure compost

Added into soil
-earth worm castings
-perlite tomato dry amendment all purpose dry amendment
-dr earth acid lovers due to my higher ph spring water
-bone meal
-watered with water soluble myco

Cooked for 2 weeks

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@ADK_Guerrila I have never used Pro Mix before so with all those amendments, I would use the Feeding Chart that says
SOIL Feeding Schedule.

I say this one as your soil is loaded up hot like FFOF soil.

Did you buy Kelp me, Kelp you and Wholly Mackerel?

What I do is this. Since new plants in hot soil I would recommend waiting about 30 days before adding nutrients.

Then use the nutrients like 1/4 strength. Then a week later bump it up to 1/2. Hopefully by then you can start using close to full strength.

As the plant gets bigger, you will use more nutrients which means full dose. Just watch how the plants react and keep us updated so we can start diagnosing problems before they get out of hand.

I haven’t used Flower Kiss since they want you to spray the leaves.


Is the weekly schedule based on the life of the plant or the feeding starting at the first of use…if that makes any sense at all, my girls are almost 4 weeks old so do I start at week 4 and just go with half potency or a quarter ??

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And no I didn’t get the kelp me kelp you or the holy makerel @MrPeat just invested in the box set

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Since they are a month old, I would start there. The schedule used it based on 1 gallon of feeding. I would start at 1/4 dose. They recommend two feedings per week which means a total of 2 gallons per week.

When they are young, you won’t use that much at first. I pH after I add the nutrients. And check each time before feeding.

Can we get a photo of tour plants pleae?

Once they are big, you will feed 2 gallons of water per week with ease. Mine get so big that I will use up to 1.5 gallons two to 3 times a week.

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I just mixed up a feeding for scheduled week 2 feeding of big bloom and grow big for 5 gallons at full strength and gave it to my 3 photo period “blueberries”, one Gorilla Glue auto and my two strawberry plants. Depending on results I will introduce to my ladies out in the wilderness



My girls in the wild. @MrPeat


@ADK_Guerrila At that size and look, they are not hungry just yet. So with seeing that, I would wait a week or so. By then they should start getting hungry.

My general rule is 4 to 6 weeks before adding nutrients. You are still good.

I would do a several feeds of the Sledgehammer before adding nutrients. It will help get rid of the excess salt build up. You will do this a couple of times during the plants life span.

Autos can be tricky so don’t be surprised if she responds negatively at first.

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I will definitely try the flush with sledgehammer before I introduce to my outdoor plants, all of there soil was amended but I used less than what it called for, this will actually be their first week outdoors, the area gets about 12 hours of direct sunlight so I’m hoping it works some magic on my autos @MrPeat

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I hope I don’t make this too confusing but there is lots of information to gleam from the feeding schedule.

First I’ll discuss the Bush Doctor stuff in the Orange section of the chart.

The Boomerang, Kangaroots and Microbe Brew are mostly composed of bacteria for feeding the soil. They can be used from the get go and I suggest using them on what would be considered watering days. If you mix them with the nutrients they will blow the ppm out of sight. They have a two year shelf life so use them or loose them.

The Flower Kiss is a foliar spray that you aren’t suppose to spray on leaves, not flowers. It is a quick and easy way to address early deficiencies.

Bembe is a molasses type product used in flower. It is highly acidic and needs adjusting.

The Wholly Macherel and Kelp Me Kelp You are not part of the dirty dozen and are organic products.

Now for the rest … if you mix the products in the green section (Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom) with the products in the purple section (Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching) at the recommended strength, then your ppm should register what is shown in the dark blue EC/PPM section (assuming your water has low ppm). The ppm listed is in a 700 scale so if your meter doesn’t display 700 scale just use the EC scale. Be sure to adjust pH of the final mixture before feeding, the narrative at the top of the chart suggests a pH of between 6.3-6.8

The last product in the dirty dozen is the Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer allows for the buildup of salts to be flushed without using excessive amounts of water. It should be used every three weeks of full strength feeding. You’ll see suggested flushing in the light blue vertical bars of the feeding chart.

The cal-mag can wait until flowering and should be used on watering days since it will elevate the ppm too high on feeding day.


I have only grown indoors here due to the crazy Draconian style laws about marijuana. Being outdoors, you will need to watch for insects.

Dirty Dozen is a lot more complicated than say Jack’s 321.

Make sure you know what the water PPM is before adding nutrients. If done correctly, what you measure the PPM at should be close to what is listed on that row. But those numbers are based on using that entire amount and types of nutrients for that week.

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24 hours after first feeding and the girls seem to be loving it. @MrPeat

10 tablespoons Big Bloom
3 tablespoons plus 1tsp Grow Big
Mixed together in 5 gallons of spring water

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Your soil should already have food nutrients in it. That’s why you go half strength on the fox farm. It depends on how your soil is. I’m going 2 months without getting my plants anything I use Fox farm. But I make my own soil.

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I feel I mixed my soil well, I just didn’t allow for a 2 month cooking period maybe it’s just me playing mother hen and checking on them frequently but my photoperiod “blueberry” seem to be doing just fine but my autos seem to be going slow

I wouldn’t give them anything right now, if you’re soil still hot. Just watch them. If, the leaves start to turn yellow give them some food (half), strength. start from there. Everybody thinks it’s easy to grow marijuana everybody thinks they know everything. I’ve been growing for 5 years plus. I’m still learning!!! I’ve lost the whole crop to damn russet mites!!! So I do know a little something :laughing:

Send some pics. Better to see what’s going on