Opinion on Fox Farm Soil and Nutrients

I was wondering if people who’ve used Fox Farm soil and Nutrients can tell me there experience with them. Is it worth the buy? What differences did you see? Did you mix anything in with the fox farm soil?

Super curious I’ve always heard that it’s a good product but don’t know an actual person who’s used the product line.

Or what soil and nutrients you use.

Thanks guys!

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i use the soil, happy frog for photos, ocean forest for autos, i like it but it all i ever used so i can’t compare. i buy mine at the co op or at ace hardware for about 17.00 for the big bag


I’m using FF soil and nutriments right now for the first time. I put FFOF on the bottom 2/3 and FFHF on the top 1/3 you don’t need to give any nutes for 4 or 5 weeks then i use FF Trio and Cal-Mag. here are my 2 plants i’m growing in it now.

first one is 10 1/2 weeks from sprout second one is 8 1/2 weeks from sprout. Both are autos


nice looking


thank you

Some of mine coming to an end


Do you only grow auto?

No I have some photos going to but it dark time and can’t take a pic lol

Yes just autos. Some growers grow photos and use FF soil and nutes like @Deal

I’ve used fox farms nutrients since starting to grow more then a dozen years ago.

The best value if deciding to use Fox Farms nutrients is to buy the Dirty Dozen. For just over $100 you get 9 pint bottles, the trio of big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom, 5 additional pints of products to feed your soil and enhance your harvest, as well as a pint of Sledgehammer for flushing your plants.

You also get the three Solubles which everyone should be using in conjunction with the trio to enhance bud development anyway, but apparently no one ever uses.

As a bonus you get a feed schedule booklet with feed schedules depending on the medium you are growing in, and a handy dandy measuring spoon.

The Fox Farm products being used were developed decades ago. Modern science suggests there may be other nutrient lines that are more advanced. I saw that Fox Farms has recently come out with a new Cultivation Nation line of products, maybe to update their offering.

This past summer I’ve expanded to three small grow spaces. I’ve started experimenting with other brands of nutrients after trying to grow using an AutoPot. Fox Farms soil nutrients aren’t real conducive for putting into reservoir for feeding plants. It will take another year or two of experimenting but there may be easier nutrient lines then fox Farms to use and get as good or better results. I don’t mind spending the money experimenting so you don’t have to.


These three are actually the only fox farms products I still use. Not that the rest of the stuff is junk, quite the contrary, but I’m over all the flushes.

I use them myself, but when new growers on here talk about Fox Farms products they are apparently unaware of the important bud boosting solubles because few ever admit to using them.

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What is bud boosting solubles?

It’s open sesame, beastie blooms and cha Ching. Basically PK boosters for fox farms.

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I’m still a bit lost. So growing in ocean Forrest and using big bloom every 3rd watering won’t cut it?

Big bloom is just fox farms version of micro nutes. That’s not going to cut it.

Big Bloom is a micro nutrient, not very strong and not very useful just by itself.

Most the manufacturers of nutrients for growing marijuana publish feeding schedules for their products to help users get the best results.

This is the Fox Farms Feeding Schedule for growing in soil. They have other charts for other growing mediums.

The Fox Farm trio that many refer to are the nutrients in the green section of the chart. Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are the products. As you can see, the ratios of these products very almost weekly. You mix them into your water, adjust the pH to the suggested range (6.3 to 6.8) and feed your plants.

The Solubles are powders that get mixed in during the flowering stages to boost the bud development. They are the products in the purple section of the chart. Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching. These are mixed in with the products in the green section of the chart that you mixed previously. If you use these products you don’t adjust pH until all the products are mixed together.

At this point, if the water you started with had a low ppm (low ratio of solids) then all the above products mixed together should fall in the range listed at the top of the chart in the dark blue section. EC and PPM are two ways of measuring the same thing and most pens will display either one. If you are just starting out, the EC and PPM can be ignored for your first couple grows and you can just follow the chart, but once you learn what to expect following these values can help you fine tune your grow.

The products in the orange section of the chart are special items such as a foliar spray, three products with bacteria to feed the roots, two organic fertilizers, and a bloom flavor booster.

The Fox Farms Dirty Dozen I mentioned a few posts above includes all the products on the following feed schedule except for Wholly Mackerel and Kelp Me Kelp You, the two organic fertilizers. The Dirty Dozen also includes Sledgehammer, the product used for flushing in the light blue vertical bars.

Hope this helps


Wow I’ve read your response a couple of times. I get a grasp but I’m going to be asking you questions. I really want to get this mastered.

@CMichGrower so I understand nutrients but I’m trying to learn more about the soil lineup. More specifically what soil performs better in the veg cycle and what does better in the flower cycle. Currently I only transfer one time before veg. I’m thinking about doing a second transplant on the next try. Do you have any advice as I will be starting the next grow cycle in approximately a week or so.

I have been reusing my soil and adding in amendments and utilizing happy frog soil conditioner between grows. Since I have been using diluted soil I have been using my nutrients straight out of the gate. I have only used advanced nutrients line of nutrients seeing as I’m new and it looked to be stupid easy. I’m certain that I will try new lines as I gain more experience and knowledge.

If you are comfortable using nutrients then you should probably consider using a neutral growing medium like coco coir or Promix.

They cost less and give you complete control since there are no nutrients in the soil. If you use coco you need to spend some time learning about buffering with cal-mag.

Soil is a great growing medium starting out since it makes it easier not having to feed your plants part way to most the way through the grow depending on the size of the pot you use. But even then you need to learn about nutrients and feeding them before they are finished flowering.

I’m experimenting with 3 different brands of nutrients and feel you can probably get good results with any of them, the differences are minor.

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