What soil and nutrients is everyone using?

Morning I am using FF organic soil and their nutrients
What is everyone else using?

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Coco coir(no perlite added) with Jack’s Nutrients 321 formula

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Not shown cause eBay didn’t put the powder in a container they put it in a bag for peat sake is open seseme which is red in color early ripening is yellow in color and rosta is a lime green kind of in color

@Neal1239 fox farm is good they have trio all in one vegg flower bloomer than we don’t have to mix fertilizers together good choice neal

Thanks got it, I will take a look at it.

It goes a long ways to that stuff last forever well not forever but 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water goes a long ways I was told to cut the recommend does in half though calls for tablespoon or teaspoon per gallon but I burnt my first plant up so I cut back the pros told me to

Fox Farm the big three
Thats what I use but I do use all of their recommended nutes.

Question is it ok to keep your nutes on top of your boiler or hot water heater?

I thought they needed to be in a cool place?

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Lol good call

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Roots Organic grow tea molasses and liquid seaweed for the organic grow. I’m new to all this but this what i get down with.

I agree Fox Farm should be cut in half Ive had nutrient burn in the beginning.

Yea good that stuff is stronger than you think

Good your a organic guy like me I go as strait to organic as I can get the bud taste better a lot better can I hang with you on this site cause your a vegg and you do organic slime me

Iv read a lot about tea composting and molasses I’m working on what soil I’m going to grow next grow after this one is done

@Neal1239 I’m only on my 2nd grow-1st 3 chocolate skunk autos, I really f’ed up the first time but learned a lot. On my 2nd grow and my girls are doing great. I’ve only used Fox Farm soils and nutes. Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, and Coco Loco. I have my Maui Wowie in Coco Loco with 30% added perlite because of the strain. My Sour Diesel is in a layered Ocean Forest on bottom and Happy frog on top due to the fact OF is to hot for seedling roots. And I have an Amnesia Haze auto in only Happy Frog. I use the FF liquid trio according to the schedule they reccomend. I also supplement with Earth Juice Oilycann. It’s a calcium and magnesium supplement w/o added nitrogen that is in some other Cal/Mag brands.

Maui front left, Am Haze auto front right and SD rear right. 2 weeks into flower.


Thanks again, is anybody using Bergmans nutrients?

I use Fox Farms Happy Frog and Advanced Nutrients.

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@SmokeOne he’s yea bud of of eBay or amozone I’m a prime at amozone

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