Opinion on Fox Farm Soil and Nutrients

Thank you for all the information. I think I will try the pro mix this time. I am utilizing the 4 gallonish fabric shopping bags as a pot this time to finish up the grow and flower cycle. They are currently large seedlings in a quart sized pot. As I have played with pot sizes before and I feel like I get better nutrient uptake if I stay under 5 gallons. I’m sure I would feel different if I ran an extended growth period but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of room and I’m just stumbling onto horizontal growth. This is only my 4th try and I have a long way to go. I will do a through flushing and should have a good base for my next round. I put it all in a small kiddie pool and that is where I add in any amendments.

I have one other off the wall question. Any thoughts on adding some worms into your soil? Positives or negatives it has been on my mind for some time.

thats awesome lol, im using FF trio with fox farm ocean forest, only 3 weeks in so far with photos, your pics make me even more excited lmao

I am as new as someone can be, and just entering week 4 on 2 autoflowers , Bruce banner and GSC. Am I too late in the process to use fox farm 3 pack nutes? Any feedback will be appreciated!

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Fox Farm soil is the go to.
Ive not used their nootz.
I used Jacks 321. It is so simple.
Measure everything !!
You will need a ph and ppm pen.
Keep it simple. Especially first grow.
I had a pretty much “uneventful” (good !)
first indoor grow, with reasonably impressive results.
Keep reading here. Ph your water.
Measure your runoff. Learn how to feed accordingly !! There are alot of experts here to help !! Good Luck !!
Welcome and don’t be afraid to ask “stoopid” questions ! :metal:t2::sunglasses::metal:t2:


How do you use the trio properly…I have no idea

If I’m not mistaken it also has the measurements on the bottles themselves sir👍🏽

I have been and still use FF soils. I am thinking of switching soon to coco and jacks. Here is a nice plant grown in a layered mix of Happy/Ocean and Coco Loco all by FF. I transplant 4 times so my current nute lineup is really only supplemental. Some mother Earth 2-4-4 and Bloom 0-10-10 during flower when needed and a Bonsai food that is 7-9-5 during veg if needed. Here are my homes so she always has new soil. I transplant 4 times every 4 weeks until she is in the 10 gallon.

and here is a Durban strain I harvested a few months back.

Just realized this is a 4 year old thread.

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