Anyone done a Banana Kush grow

Was curious what they smell like when flowering.
Looking for something fruity for my spring grow grow.


@Hellraiser finished a nice grow a short while back

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Autos or regs u looking for. Runtz is super fruity smelling. GDP has a skunky fruity smell blue dream is supposed to be a super good smeller and taster. Got one going now in flower maybe I should go smell that one havnt took the time to smell her yet I have strains that are super fruity that’s prolly not heard of on here by alot but they r super fruity and gassy smell. Planet of the grapes has a super good fruity smell to it but also has a strong skunky smell to it

It would be photo’s,

What I’m really wondering is how they smell growing indoors as oppose to the final product.

I’m growing some BK autos right now. They’re 27 days old and my grow room smells heavenly sweet!

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That’s the answer to the question that I had and the answer I was hoping to hear.

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I did a banana blaze auto which is mostly banana kush mixed with a skywalker og auto to get its auto flip genes BEAUTIFUL plant smells just like a candied banana chip

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That sounds like a great combo, also thanks for the for info. Just got my first two sprouts, two more soon and already looking ahead to my second grow.

Two shots from my first sprout 18 hours apart, grew nearly inch today. Black Window Fem, new born.

“Big things have small beginnings.” 6:00 AM

~18 hours later

Yep tripod and more depth of field in order for next time

Banana Kush had a nice smell of bananas and a bit gassy as well.