Problems with Purple Kush?

I recently bought 20 PK seeds. I didn’t like the water germination method and went back to paper towels. The plants grew great! Nice shape and plenty of side growth. Only one problem for me was ZERO smell and ZERO resin. I had a couple gold leaf going too. They are stinky as hell and covered with trichomes! I felt the limited space in my room warranted pulling two pretty nice looking plants out due to lack of promise…I never did that before! I have grown out other plants that didn’t produce any resin. It was very disappointing. Has anyone else noticed this?


It all comes down to genetics this happens every once and a while with multiple different strains and genetics

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I had a purple indica, didn’t smell at all , but was very good

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I did the same 10 get 10 of the purple kush auto. Plant looked beautiful. Even entered her in BOM November 2021. Hardly any smell at all. After a few months of curing though, it smelled like lemon pledge. Taste and smoke was very smooth, buzz was a bit mediocre. A good gotta get to sleep smoke.


Here is the BOM pic of my purple kush

Buds were super dense


Nice! I wish mine looked like that! I have one still alive in a different location. I’ll see how that comes out before jumping to conclusions.

Smell and stickiness isn’t everything. Sometimes the one that don’t have the bag appeal gives you a unique high


Herijuana smells like wood and not sticky but has a strong high @Haobe. I happen to be vaping some now for the first time in awhile

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I did grow out that one Purple Kush. It grew like crazy for 3 weeks in veg. It grew even faster for 6 weeks in bloom, then it died OVERNIGHT! I was told by my hydroponic guy there’s a genetic disease that cause this. Does anybody have any input regarding this problem?