Any idea what is going on

Hey all,
All of a sudden my leaves on my Shiatsu Kush are turning brown. Any idea what is going on? Growing in FFOF. PPM in 105

out is 1150. PH 6.7. Feeding FF trio a couple times a week. Has been flowering since first part of August.

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Looks like nutrient burn, and thrips, or spider mites.
Captain Jacks Dead Bug will kill them, but this far into flowering you’ll only control the populations, not end them.


would I spray all of my plants to be safe? and can I spray buds and all? I sprayed my plant with hydrogen peroxide last week for wpm. Would that have done this?

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@JohnM. Yes. And yes. Best to treat them all. And capt jacks dead bug is a spinosad product and safe to use till just before harvest.

How strong was your mix ?

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2 parts hydrogen peroxide 1 part water

@Oldguy. Do you think the hydrogen peroxide could be the problem also?

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I am afraid the dose of ×2 peroxide is pretty aggressive. Usually 1 part peroxide 5 parts water or more to clean some mildew or mold.