Found This on Top of a Bud

I don’t know what caused this on the top of one bud. I pulled it off & attached a picture. I have started treating for small caterpillars. I’m not sure if this is pests or disease. I also have a number of leaves with little brown spots on them.


Top pic is bud rot. Not sure on the spots on leaves.

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Probably rotted from caterpillars.

You have mites too. Time for a dose of Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew.


Got it. Thanks. Do I need to remove the entire bud?

I just did the Captain Jacks 3 days ago. Only one dose, but its ready to harvest. Should I remove the entire bud? Should I apply a 50/50 peroxide, leave for a day, harvest then wash? This all ripened pretty fast.


Yeah; if you are ready then do a bud wash at harvest:

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So I don’t need to do a 50/50 peroxide spray 1st? Do I need to remove the entire bud? I just want to get this right.

Bud rot spreads quickly. Prepare for harvest.

Cut off anything that looks fuzzy/mushy/brown ASAP. Be careful, it spreads via spores. So dirty fingers, clothing, tools etc. will spread it.

Before trim soak everything in an h2o2 bath. 16oz 3% h2o2 for each 5 gal of water. Then rinse in another bath of fresh water or gently rinse with a hose. Gently shake excess water. Hang to dry.


Thanks for the advice. I am impressed with all of you guys ready to help.