Any idea what is going on with my plant

Here is a pic of one of my problem plants. It’s a lower leaf…and some lower baby leaves are starting to show the same signs…tops of the plants are still good. Soil ph is 6.0 to 6.5 in all my plants…I’m using Foxfarm trio…it looks like phosphorus deficiency to me but I’m not sure what to do about it…I’m following their soil schedule to the letter. I’m going to transplant them to my 7 gallon cloth pots in the greenhouse on Sunday…my cloth pot soil is 50/50 perlite and soil and it’s ph is 6.5 It’s my first time with Fox Farm…I’m thinking I should go back to General Hydroponics Trio…I never had this problem before…any help would be great

Hey Yoopers, didn’t you start like 20 plants at the same time? They had a healthy start.

I don’t have the experience to diagnose the issue, but the ones who can, will want to see pictures of the whole plant, and I would fill out a support ticket.

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Hey Zee, yeah…I bought 20 seeds and 18 germinated and they were rockin till a week or so ago…I have no idea what happened…I hover over my girls like crazy…testing soil and nutes religiously…I’m baffled actually. I just want to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. It’s so weird…some of my plants are completely healthy and some are like the pics…maybe genetics from the seeds has something to do with it…I really don’t know.

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Click pic and zoom in to read each deficiency and excess of each nutrient.

Welcome ! My first thoughts I would start by verifying my pH meter. And if it looks good and don’t need calibrated .then I will check my runoff pH and PPM look at my numbers . Leafs definitely showing something not quite right. Just a starting point good luck.

Yessir. Im no expert but from problems ive had, ph would be the first thing to check. It could look like a certain deficiency but be ph issues. 6.0 is a lil low


What are you growing in Fox Farms Soils? If so how long have they been growing in it? Just wondering because that part wasnt terribly clear. Something about fertilizers but not much about the soil.
Of course im super stoned so maybe I just read it wrong? Im mean real stoned! Too stoned really.

Started 20 plants at once, what a coincidence lol. Taking into consideration that those leaves are at bottom of the plant, I would start with calcium/magnesium deficiency. You can cover both with dolomite lime and also raise the pH a bit. My pH is currently neutral 7.0 or lil less 6.8 in some containers and plants are very happy. Leaves you buffer to continue adding nutes without getting too acidic.

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Lol…I’m actually growing in some potting solid from a local garden store that I mixed with perlite…I ph checked the soil and it was 6.5 which I think is pretty good…somehow it went acidic on me…I think my ph meter was out of calibration. I fixed that problem and that’s when I discovered that my soil was way too acidic…it’s correcting slowly but I’m transplanting today so and the transplant soil is spot on ph wise so hopefully that will help my plants get back on track

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Thank you for the advice. I have some Calmag from General Hydroponics here…I will start adding some of that to my nutrient mix

nice! Ph is everything in indoor gardening. Seems outdoor organics is more stable… buffered … plus because I use native soil and lots of it, I rarely have to water.

Update…sorry, it’s been a while guys…I ended up transplanting the girls from that shitty soil in Coco Coir…which I’m way more familiar with…they are loving it…I’m currently one week into flower :grinning: