Any advice or insight?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

:a few months ago I took advantage of the 20 WW auto seeds offer and planted one along with three other varieties from another source. The good : the ww is the largest and fullest of the bunch . The possible problem is it has almost no “frost”. Even under a handheld microscope there are almost no trichomes and the few I see are cloudy . I’m guessing that it will be the last to mature . The other varieties are nearing completion and were planted at the same time. Could this be a late developing strain due to the sativa content? The others I have going from Amsterdam seeds are amnesia trance , NYC diesel and Lemoncello .All are auto’s . I was wondering if you had any advice . I realize this is only one of twenty seeds and it could be a fluke but I am nervous about devoting the space and resources if this could happen again . Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated . Also thank you for all the resources you provide on your site , David"

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All plants grow and mature at different rates. Even if of the same strain. Im currently growing two Blueberry autos that both sprouted on the same day. One of them has been flowing for 10 days now, while the other one hasn’t even started yet. They are just like people. No two are alike.