Another tent and light question

Since I have 8 plants growing and I have 1 4x4 tent with the 2 260xl’s, if I got another 4x4 tent setup with another of the same fan/filter combo would my 600w hpst or my 1000w dimmable hps dimmed to 600w be enough for the other tent?

@dbrn32 Or if I got a 4x8’ could I run the lights listed above in one tent for 8 plants?

600 is a pretty good light in 4x4 space.

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@dbrn32 Thanks I was talking to the wife about the cheapest way out to grow the other 4 plants. If I do a 4x8 tent I think I can just use the fan and filter I have in the 4x4. I can order another 25# Kind soil and some 7 gal fiber pots and I can bump the 3 - 5 gals I have now into them and the other 5 plants in the 5 gal fiber pots I have coming.

Last question :sunglasses: on lighting is, I have a 600w hps and a 1000w double ended hps with dimmable transformer I can dim to 600w. Would using the 1000w double ended dimmed to 600w be better than using the regular 600w?

I see green fields :smiley:

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Looking at this one.Any thoughts? I really like my GA 4x4 tent but do not see one in 4x8.

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You could always run two 4x4’s if you preferred that way. Would keep some options open in the future.

Really depends on the light I think. In most cases I would guess the hid lights run best at the power level they’re designed to run at, so I’m thinking the 600. Assuming both bulbs are relatively fresh and there’s not a huge difference in reflectors.

I ordered the 4x8 yesterday then cancelled it. Tooday I re-ordered. I will be able to grow the 8 5 gals and use the lights I already have and the fan and filter I already have so it was my cheapest way out. When it arrives I will take down the 4x4 and put it up in the room. Then start my grow journal on the Kind soil grows.

Just looked up Growers Lights for a couple more 260xl’s. Seems they want to make their money. If you select to pay $35 for set up they are in stock but not if you chose to do it yourself. I am on email to notify when in stock. Hope it does not take too long. :smiley:

On my 600w hps it has a vented hood with glass. It is 21" x 22" and heavy as hell.I have a super light weight hood for 1 of the 1000w hps it is 31" x 36" no glass. In a tent I am thinking that the vented hood would be best in the tent. I can change the hoods I think if needed.

I can hang the filter in middle duct to the vented hood then vented hood duct it to the exhaust fan outside the tent. Do you think this would help with the heat of the 600s hps?

4x8 tent arrived today.