Another new member, new grower, and new to autoflowers!

Greetings, new here. Excited about starting this indoor grow with everyone here. I got my hands on some white widow x northen lights autoflower seeds. I am going to start in a 4x4 tent with 3 morsen mj-1000 100w, and 1 maxsisun pb1500 150w. Using a lite semi cooked super soil mix (ffof, local compost, worm castings, kelp, bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, peat moss, perlite, happy frog mixed in on top, mycorrhizae.) into half-filled 7 gallon fabric pots. So far they are on week 1 from seed. I plan on watering with liquid silica in abouta week, maybe some aloe mixed in from time to time. I plan on watering that, fishshit in about a week and alternate with epson salt diluted or maybe both at the same time, whats your thoughts!? Also i plan on feeding by top dressing and watering with aerated tea’s made with worm castings, bat guano, kelp, molasses and compost. (Ill by adding bone meal to the dry mix in flowering) my soil ph is currently 6.9-7 gonna try to lower down with a bit vinegar/ citric acid added to water, what you think? Im also arming myself with organic perticide and fungicide and a no-pest strip from HotShot Pics are from begening and ending of week 1. Follow me on this journey will need lots of advi cree and help. Thanks!!

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I’m wore out just thinking about it

You didn’t let your pics finish , what’s your ph meter cause if it’s a metal probe I wouldn’t trust it

Sorry about that. Yeah its a metal probe 3x1 i got from amazon. Im waiting on the water ones. Last 3 pics are from today day 7(green lighter)


Nice setup. Welcome to the community. I would suggest as a new grower…auto especially… you stick with basics first couple rounds. No crazy LST. No hard pruning or training. Letem grow straight and true. Learn to getem to GROW healthy before fancy. Auto so handling is minimal. Water from outside in not on stem. Force roots to reach out. Calmag is your friend. I use silica blast also for stem strength. I would not feed her any nutes till past stage in picture. Just my thoughts.
I tried to get too fancy at

start and regretted it. The habanero sitting in that veg tent just will not die. 3rd harvest on it. Leaves fall off…grow back…produces…rinse repeat…lol.
Long winded i know but VERY important to not bite off more than you can chew to start.
Pic of flower tent. All photo clones. 3 different training styles. Actual work.


Thanks for the advice, will follow it thru. That is one noice grow set up you got there. And nice habanero plant, i was thinking in putting in my peper one too and succulents but didnt wanna risk the pests just yet. I am planning on growing year round, i might put 1 or 2 or even 3 of those plants outside depending how much space i got to work with in mid veg. Im in the yuma desert in arizona. Its november and we still hitting 90’s so cold wont be much of a problem i think. Super worried about pest tho. Noticed the area has some russel mites, they grow alot of veggies around the valley in here and noticed some russel mites in my garden

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Don’t. Soil carries enough natural sources of silica, you’re just gonna spike your PH with extra supplementation.

I use Epsom salts when I feed. You can also use them with a plain watering for extra magnesium as needed. Fishsh!t is pretty much just microbes so whatever you do, add it to your water last. Even after you PH your water.

Pretty much good for telling you if the soil is still moist or not and nothing else. It sounds like you have real meters on the way but if you haven’t heard it already, I highly suggest investing in a BlueLab or Apera PH pen. A $5 tds meter for troubleshooting runoff will be fine but have one on hand anyway.

I’m gonna tag in @JaneQP and @MeEasy - I think they’re the two I know who do living soil and super soils - maybe @SmokeyMtnHighs is also hopping into super soils? I’m running entirely off my memory bank so if I’m tagging the wrong people let me know :sweat_smile:

Happy growing. Your seedlings look great. Just try not to smother them with overwatering. If you have a spray bottle, please go throw it in the back seat of your car to be forgotten until you truly need it for pest control or foliar feeding.

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Cool thanks alot! Well there goes my silica lol might save it up for future incase stem seems a bit thin. And yeap appreciate the tags, all the help and advices are welcome.
Posting a pic of the meters ingot comong this week


Gonna want a better pH meter than that. Definitely gonna want to monitor pH with your combination here since I don’t see any added pH buffers (lime, all lime, stone or not, is from sea shells. Hence why oyster shells are often found in cannabis soil.) Do you know the nitrogen content of your local fertilizer?

It seems like you’ve done some research. My only concern is the chosen pH meter and possibly trying to do too much. With a living/super soil you shouldn’t have to be adding more than a few amendments per grow at most. A silica concentrate certainly wouldn’t generally be one of those. As it was already mentioned. Silica is second most abundant element next to carbon on earth. It’s firmly believed that there are probably aliens that would be silicone based instead of carbon based like us. Since silicone is much more common in the universe than carbon. Just not on earth.

*Stuff like dolomite lime and limestone are ground up or layered fossilized sea shells. Limestone itself is where tectonic plates have pushed up ancient parts of the sea floor. We otherwise would have no idea limestone even exists.


I would love to follow ur grow as i am doin organic grow myself im also using bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and worm castings and organic compost and superworm frass and i make a compost tea and flowering i make a cucumber and banana tea aswell you will have so much fun growing with organics less stressful and less deficiencies so ive seen heres a pic of my girl

She is in week five of flower my soil is coco coir with peat and perlite


Is what you are growing in with innert ingredients added. To be technically correct. Since both coco and peat out of the bag are 100% innert mediums. If not creating a soil. It would honestly be less work to water daily with jacks in just coco coir than the time spent ordering and throwing all that together. Since the benefit of a living super soil is that you don’t have to water everyday. You only have to add a tea 1-2 times total per grow if soil is completely dialed in. The the thing with these soils. They take on the care required for a plant in other settings. Instead of growing a plant. You grow and care for the biome in the soil, plus the plant. There is nothing “easier” about this method. An innert medium like Coco coir with a solid salt nutrient system like jacks 321 is by far the easiest way to grow.
No guess work… nothing extra necessary. You can add extras. The system allows for that. But also. Not necessary to grow great buds… doesn’t get easier than that.

*My point being. This is one of the more difficult paths. And definitely arguably not worth the effort, unless you absolutely must be organic.


Hello there! Oh man really? Yeah i saw the othe recommended ph meters and damn there pricey. I was thinking in asding dlime but the water in here is 7+ and didnt wanna risk putting in more stuff that would raise it, theres also alkaline water locally really cheap. And unfortunatly i do not know the nitrogen lv on the compost, the nursery i doubt would know either but ill ask the old lady, its really dark earthy compost from somewhere in baja california. Fertilizer tho i do know she carries 12-12-12 but i dont think its organic.

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Wooo welcome welcome, its really nice to have you and thank you for sharing your beautiful babies! I hope mine get to grow that big. Will be a fun and educated ride!

The standard pH isn’t horrible atm. (What I can link)

What I use.

Testing runoff ppms with intake ppms will give you an idea of what is going on in the root area. pH monitoring is good too. But if pH going in is good. It’s generally not an issue in the zone or coming out. Plus runoff pH is less accurate than a slurry. Which takes 12-24hr for a correct reading


Welcome to the forum community :slight_smile: Looks like a nice setup and grow you have started there. Following along to watch the success. You’re in the right place for advice, support, mutual think tanks or even similar ideas that spark a better one in your own mind than what you might have been aiming to do :wink: Happy growing and best of luck


Well we dont get jacks in Australia so i cant use it and ive used bottled nutrients from canna nutrients and i had quite a few problems with it and this time ive gone organics and i have had less problems and ive had better results so i think its each to there own personal preference but i take ur views and ur opinion on board but i will be keep doin what i am doin cause its working really well for me as you can see from my pics

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Very good. You can’t get the private seller packs on eBay using a VPN?.. hmm. That’s some extemely invasive boarder control. Considering some of those large sellers selling many things in your country and their packages shouldn’t be on any list… just saying.

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We cant even get ffof or any ff products and we cant get down to earth either and if we can you pay through the nose for it the price of postage is higher then the price of the product

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Try actually getting on contact with sales reps on platforms like AliExpress and eBay. The former preferred. Avoid Alibaba. As it’s geared twords consumer level. You don’t want this. You aren’t a consumer. Don’t forget this. Whether you are or not.

See i would love to use promix hp and down to earth products its just expensive to get off ebay and there is the chance that it wont be allowed in the country we do have very strict rules and regulations here