Amount of soil needed

I’m on a stealth mission, this is G-14 classified. Building a space bucket and have everything I need and I am reading a lot about Fox Farms OF and how well it is for new jacks ( I am bonified new jack). I am looking to keep the plant somewhat short using ILGM fem NL and wanted to keep under 43" for limited grow height. LST will be used as much as I can, but no idea on how much soil to use within the 5 gallon bucket to ensure that there’s enough to go around for the plant. Space bucket is my only option at this time, so the situation stated above is simply all I can get away with. Any suggestions for the FNG?

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Well first, I’d like to welcome you to the community! Everybody here at ILGM can help you, and will be more than happy to most of the time! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have!

With your setup, I might recommend doing a SCROG grow. You’re definitely on the right page with LST to keep her short. As far as the soil goes, I would fill the 5 gallon pot until it was 1-2" from the rim of the pot. @yoshi is a master on soil so he can give you some advice as wel!

Good luck my friend! Happy growing!

As ktreez said, I would use a minimum of a 5 gal bucket. I used two 5 gal buckets for my first grow and I am considering going to something larger next time. I’ve heard there is as much of a plant below ground as there is above ground.
I also went with scrog to try to contain the height and it seems to have worked well. Not too difficult,
I put my scrog 12" above the soil which seems to have been ok but be advised that the plant will grow significantly after entering flower. When I started flowering the tops of the plants were just slightly above the scrog. Now they are about 8-9 inches above the scrog and some have to be staked since they are leaning over due to the weight of the buds. I have seen some folks use two screens just to address that problem. I am growing white widow and gold leaf.
I used the Ocean Forest soil as well and had no problems. I placed one bucket inside another, drilled holes in the inner bucket so I could have room for run to waste, then put a terra cottta “pan” underneath to hold the overflow. I think that does a couple things: it keeps your bucket from standing full of water which could create issues,and it allows for flushing which I feel is important. Never tried a stealth bucket but I bet it will work fine. Are you going with CFL lights?
Good luck and keep us posted.


I can help with putting lts traing to a new level. I have a pic of a method ive done on a plant i have now in flowering.

And today


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep ya posted. Should only be a little while and I’ll have a bunch more questions

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How long did you keep it in the jug? Is it going to produce as much just at a shorter height?

I kept it there 18 hrs after a bending. It grew 10 inches after that. Today i bent back the top 5 inch branches like six of them. To make all the other branches catch up. Then bottom prune in like two weeks. And sry not my thread…

If you want to have a height limit I would go with scroging. I am just in the stretch part of mine now I am using five plants in five gal pots for it but I could fill it with one if I took longer. You can see it in the grow journals under Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog.

Fox farm makes good soil. Keep askin questions, we are glad to help. We were all FNGs at one time.


The idea so far is gonna use cfl @ 100 watts a piece x4. Raise the stash sight to a 44" inch mark buckets are 14 7/8" or so I was thinking about lowering the soil far enough down so that I can install a lid with the lights on it so I don’t burn the plant at the beginning and then add another bucket to it. The second bucket will have the scrog setup and Mylar and all that. I’m gonna have to figure out how long I want the second bucket. I would rather not tear up more then two 5 gallon buckets (I’m cheap :joy:) but I am not above destroyIng $2 buckets for this project. I will load pics later when it doesn’t look like 10lbs of poop in a 5lbs bag. Thanks for the advice friends, good to know I can talk to peeps who have the same mindset