Newbie asking for varification please

Hello all. New member here. First post also. Will explain my set up, then ask my question. Actual grow space: 3’w x 5’L x 5’H. In this area I have 8 - 5 Gal. buckets. 1 Plant to a bucket = 8 plants. I have 5 - (T-12) 4’ long fluorescent light fixtures (2 tubes each) alternating warm n cool bulbs. Temp is kept at @ 75 dg. to 77 dg., Humidity at 60 to 70 %. Lights are kept 2" from top of plants. On for 24 hrs. (during veg. period). My soil is a mix I make that starts out with a 6.8 ph., and seems to drain well. Its a mixture of perlite, vermiculite, potting soil, sphagnum peat moss, mushroom compost, black cow manure, and a top soil blend. Fertility could probably be increased, and I’m using a fertilizer for the veg and flushing before I start the flowering fertilizing. Ok here is my question: In this space I have for use my plants are out growing the grow area? Now…I can re-adjust some of the room to gather another 26 " in height I believe, but is there a way to keep these plants shorter so by the time flowering comes around I still have room for the budding process to take place without my plant tops jamming themselves into the bottom of my fixtures? I have a separate room for the vegetative stage and cloning. I have not started cloning as of yet, so presently my plants are being started from seed then having to be sexed. Sexing is not a problem. I’m a boy. I want the girls. You can see my dilemma with space I’m sure. Along with my “Needed Space” question I’d like to know if I should switch to T-5 florescent or, CFL lighting ?. I also trim the bottom 3rd, or so of foliage since my lighting does not penetrate the canopy to those depths. I have no obvious signs of stressors. Plants look healthy, though they do not flower prolifically. I do get flowers (buds, colas), but not any thicker then,…lets say my pointer finger, and probably just as long. Any professional insight to correcting my initial set up would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to pay for smoke any longer. I’ve paid my dues I’m sure. Tis time to " Love Growing my own marijuana." Thanks all.

Hey, welcome to our site, and welcome to becoming self-sufficient is the weed area! Take it from me, just like eating food that you have grown from seed, there is something special and good about smoking weed that you know had a good life, and doesn’t contain adulterates of any kind. It’s not merely about having bud, but equally about feeding your spirit. I don’t know how anyone who uses Cannabis regularly can justify not growing their own. $500 an oz over time adds up to far more than the equipment/seed you need to be successful. Now, small spaces. I am currently growing in an RV that I also live in, so I am in a 3’ x 2’ space, maybe 5’ in height. My suggestion is to read-up on the ScrOG method. Robert has written a great short article that is here on this site. There are innumerable others all over the WEB. Google ScrOG and cannabis. With this method you can absolutely control the final height at the end of veg, and you will have nothing but beautiful bud above that level. Probably won’t help this grow, but you can institute it next time around. For you current dilemma, you mat be able to CAREFULLY tie down the tops of your plants (i.e. LST method). Or top them. Wherever you cut the main stem off, you will get two new main tops to replace the single old one. I actually used to do this two or three times, so I ended up with 8 or 16 top colas per plant. You could just extend your veg time a bit to let them recover.
***BTW, thanks for the detail about your personal situation. I’m sure the ‘real’ experts (moderators) will have their own suggestion for you, and the detail is the key to getting a correct answer, fast. Again, welcome. I’ve looked around extensively, and this is definitely the best site for personalized customer service, and seed. I’m getting 100% time after time, and, does it get any better than that? :wink:

(at some point you will definitely want to go to a stronger light source. LED, HID or HPS. We are all trying to recreate the outside environment our beloved plants ancestor’s lived in, and florescents just aren’t bright enough, although they will give you something.)



Hello Sherwitt,

Welcome to ILGM.

It looks like Jodie got you started off on the right foot. She gave you some very good information.

Of course if you haven’t already done so check out Robert’s book, it’s free and packed with tons of growing knowledge:

And here is a great article on ScrOGing, It is more about how many healthy colas/tops per square foot than it is about total plants:

And you can also do SOG with numerous plants to max out you yield as well:

Awesome posts by all. I tired to read it all, but you all know I am a Blind Mofo. LOL :smiley: 1st. You got great advice. I wan to add a point or 2…

Off the top of my head: You may be trying to do too much in that space. If you want to clone. You need a separate space for that. Do not keep “lights on”, more than 20 hrs. for clones. Never Use 24/0 for seedlings; Un;ess you want “males”

You need 1/3 of you setup to be for veg, and 2/3 for flower/.

Good stuff!

Wow. All great stuff guys/gals. Yes I know of scrogging. Maybe I’ll cut back to 5, or 4 plants even and try the scrogging on the next go around. I can’t afford the higher end lights just yet, but gonna see how the same lighting works with fewer plants and same amount of present fixtures. I’m going to mention this only because sometimes it goes un said. Thank you very much for a quick , and informative response. Really !. It’s kind of one of the first things I’m looking for to see how active a site is. Well you scored an “A+”. Which is why I was as specific about my set up,because I saw a post in here on my first visit which someone posted about how being more specific about issues to get a more accurate response. Anyway thanks again.