Am I going into flower

This is my first grow and could use all the help I can get, I think everything looks good but would like your feedback.
First I will post pictures, then I will ask questions and concerns.

Plant # 1

Plant # 2

Plant # 3

Plant # 4

Plant # 5

All plants are Apple Fritter auto’s from ILGM
Plants 1,2,& 3 are 29 days from sprouting
plant 4 is 27 days from sprouting
plant 5 is 19 days from sprouting
all plants are in soil, 80% promix hp & 20% perlite
all plants get ILGM Bergmans fertilizers
plants 1,2,3,& 5 are in 5 gallon fabric pots
plant 4 I put in the ground 2 days ago
Now I will start with my questions
are plants 1,2,3,4 going into flower or preflower ( i I think it’s a little early?)
If they are, then when would I switch to flowering nutrients and light cycle
if not how would I know when
the light is 16" from canopy, where should I keep it
2 days ago I trimmed the bottoms, do they look good, too much, not enough?
I would like to get plants 3,5 outdoors also but keep in their pots, just worried because it still gets into 50’s at night?
2 days ago i watered with just water PH’d at 6.3 results are as follows
plant 1 PH- 7.7, EC PPM- 1254, PPM- 607
plant 2 PH- 6.7, EC PPM- 2680, PPM- 1291
plant 3 PH- 7.1, EC PPM- 1512, PPM- 753
plant 5 PH- 7.0, EC PPM- 2906, PPM- 1453
also plant 3 has some yellow tips, is that nutrient burn?
so how am i doing for a new guy?

Thankyou for your patience and time


I would consider the first 4 in pre flower. It’s not too early. mine hit this stage around 3 or 4 weeks, some take a bit longer and have had a couple start at 2 weeks even but also rare. Plants look good, i wouldnt start flower nutrients yet tho, if you have some bloom type nutrients this is when i would start giving them that for the stretch, but everyone has their own methods to this madness. Is the 2 ppm readings for going in and runoff? Ph looks a bit high, havent ran soil in awhile but mine didnt seem to care much if the numbers were a bit off.


They’re definitely sexually mature, I would definitely count the last pic as preflower. Plant maintenance will be an issue with 4 in that grow space Grow Bro. I didn’t see any fans in the tent?? Keep the air circulating and exhausting. Overall great looking plants :love_you_gesture:


First of all your babies are looking great. what kind of light do you have, that will determine how high it needs to be. I’m not familiar with bergmans specifically but found a link to an old thread that may have the answers you seek. For an auto you don’t need to switch light cycle. It will flower on its own and the extra DLI will help her grow big. Your numbers do seem a little high. I would plain water and check for runoff EC and ph to come down a little. PH between 6.4-6.8 in is good and out should just be close to in for soil. Feed EC should be 1200-1600 uS in and you shouldn’t feed again until it drops below 1000 uS.

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OOPS I forgot the link

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the light is an 200w led aerolight that comes with the vivosun tents

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I have 1 circulating fan in there it’s just a little higher than pic, and the light has a fan that blows straight down, I want to get 2 of them outside just worried about the temps at night.

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What is the difference between the EC PPM and TDS PPM

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EC is your most accurate. The others 2 come from a Mathematic formula of EC
Electric conductivity EC
Part per million PPM
Total dissolved solids TDS :green_heart::metal:t2:

EC is electrical conductivity of the solution measured in Siemens per cm. PPM and TDS are approximations of parts per million of NaCl (500 scale) and KCl (700 scale) at 1 Siemens of conductivity

I think they look good. They look like they are starting to flower.

16" from the canopy is probably a good place to start. As they flower you can let the plants grow up about 12" from the light. If they don’t seem to like the light at any point in the transition you can move it up an inch or two and try again.


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Yes preflower. When you have a full button at the top is when I consider it flowering.

Congrats. Hold on for the ride!