Am I doing this correctly first time grower

I guess. Looks like you have the start of a small Cannabis forest going there :smiley:

Thanks first time grower I bought seeds on this web site however this batch is a mystery bag of seeds I’ve been smoking. Is there a way in veg stage to narrow down my search on what strain it they could be? Also I’m running a 600 watt metal halide conversion lamp for best results when should I switch over to the 600 sodium light bulb I just bought. On my ballis it goes 2-4-600 watt then it says super lumina should I switch that on? If yes when thanks bud huge help first time growing for my PTSD from the military it’s got me really excited wich brings anxiety

In this day and age of all things “hybrid”, Phenos are hard to identify until well into flower stage.

If you mean the seeds are from a bag of street schwag purchased randomly in the United States, then there you go, it is very likely a Mexican landrace that has not been bread for peak potency, likely sativa dominant, and may have a muddle of random genetics mixed in. It will never be as good as a bred strain but it will be at least as good as the bag of schwag it came out of, and if you do decide to keep a plant that seems a little better than its siblings, sure, you could use it in your own breeding program to make an interesting strain. And yeah, you won’t know which one you would want to keep until well after harvest and cure. You would have to take clones from each one and then you judge the the clone you will keep by parent plant’s potency, and the way that one grew (compared to the others), the one that displays the phenotype characteristics – potency and growth traits – you desire.

Thanks guys for all the help and support in your opinion what’s the best auto flower plant with best yeild I’m going to try that next and I was super happy with ilgm on the last shipment I got in I can’t wait till these are done to try out my big bud females I bought

From what I can see in your pics the leaves are very broad and well developed at a short height which usually indicates a Indica predominant strain. You might consider waiting until the fan leaf nodes begin to alternate before forcing budding then use the warmer light temp lights and a 12on, 12off cycle to force budding. When they begin to show pistels and bud they will usually double in height before harvest. Indica’s are generally much shorter than the Sativa strains. This is not to say this applies to all varieties but just what I have experienced over the past 40 years of growing only for personal use. I am sure there are many more experienced growers that can help. Growing can be a very competitive thing and we all have our ideas but all in all it is a fun competition and we are all on the same team in the long run. Your crop looks great and keep up the good work. Remember patience, patience, PATIENCE!!!
Cheers, DH

If I buy five auto and get five free are they same strain


Keep in mind. Once again; Due to hybrid strains’ Even though the leaves appear to broad; (indicative of indica pheno); Does not mean it will finish as a strong Indica. Many many times; I have gotten all excited by broad leaves early on, only to see them thin out as plant matures. Just an extra note.

I have a eight qeek old plant that is growing nicely. The leaves curve up in sun, its out side and bag seed. Why? Water twice day in a pot.

Sounds like you may be over watering, but without a support ticket and more info; It is hard to say, :slight_smile:

Hey MacGyverStoner

You seem to know your stuff so here goes. First time grower, outdoors in a greenhouse. Started with 8" plants that grew well. They started to bud about a month later and they looked very healthy. Now however they seem to be returning to a vegatative stage with leaves growing out of the buds. What to do?

Where you at, what part of the world? Sounds like they are not getting a long enough dark period and you’d need to block out the light to lengthen their nights.

There is nothing wrong and it is not returning to veg stage,fan leaves will grow out of the buds,some people trim them at harvest and some people let the small ones curl around the buds when drying due to them have trichomes on them as’ll want to trim the biggest ones off for sure at harvest or they will completely curl around the whole bud and could lead to mold issues
if it looks kinda like this then you are good,if not I would listen to macgyverstoner cause hes forgot more than I know

Cash could be correct, I was assuming you meant you saw re-vegging like growth coming out of your buds. If it is just sugar leaves you are fine.

A Rookies Journey

I am a first time grower starting with 8" plants in a greenhouse at 7200’. They seemed to be very healthy and I eventually transplanted them to 10 gallon plastic buckets. Soon thereafter they budded…way too early. We removed the buds and the plants reverted to a vegetative stage. They are now 4’ tall and look great. I originally fertilized with an organic 12-6-6 liquid fertilizer (Age Old Grow). I am now using a Happy Frog 5-5-5 organic fertilizer (about every 10 days and then thoroughly flushing the next day). I am watering every other day with good drainage. I would be grateful for any critique of my approach so far. My current question is…do I pinch off the little leaf growth on top between the more developed leaves? I have been told this is necessary.


Even though I was not asked…Sativa hybrids tend to do this. It is common…

Question I have some plants just entering flowering, Some of the flowers have purple almost like dirt substance on them not all flowers have it. What should I do?

I apologize for potentially hijacking a thread; however, the option ot start a new one isn’t available, and this is on my topic. Hopefully others may derive advise as well.

I have just begun germination. The seeds are in water, as suggested in the germination video. They have been in the water for ~18 hours, but have not yet sunk to the bottom. They are still floating. My first question is: Is this how it should happen?

My plan is, as described in the Germination Video, to soak seeds for 24 hours, and then move to medium.

My intention is to take soaked seeds from water and place them in Jiffy Pellets. Once there, they will sit under a T5 in a grow tent until they have become seedlings. i plan on following advice as it is given in the video for this process.

Once Seedlings have been established, they will be moved from the plastic Jiffy Pellet tray into a medium of Black Gold Coco, with perlite added. They will then sit in coco / perlite, under a Platinum LED L600, from veg to flower. This will be in a 1 square meter enclosure that stands 2 meters high. The height of the light will be adjusted to plant growth.

The nutrients will be Botanicare, along with their Cal-Mag and Liquid Karma.

The ultimate medium housing will be HyrdoFarm 10 Gal Dirt Pot. (Cloth)

My questions are:

Does anything look wrong with this setup, in theory?

How long should they remain in seedling Jiffy Pellets, under a T5 prior to going into coco / perlite with the LED?

Do I need to be concerned about water ph while plants are still in seedling stage and prior to being moved to veg? (I intend to follow the recommended limited nutrient levels for seedlings that are listed on the Botanicare info sheet.)

**I am using bottled spring water and or distilled water as a watering source, with PH down added as needed, once nutrients are introduced.

Thanks in advance for any advice /. assistance.

PS - My initial question about seeds still floating after 18 hours is, while the video on the web site mentions that seeds may soak up to seven days, I have read that seeds should not be in water longer than 36 hours, and that they usually drop to the bottom of the water in the first twelve. The water they are soaking in shows a PH of ~6 / 6.5.