Am i cloning correctly with water method( first time with clones) any help would be much apprecaited

I can’t say that won’t work but I’ve had 100% success rate doing the following. First I fill a clean glass with cold bottled water, then I cut the clone and put it immediately into the water after soaking a few minutes I cut the stem at a 45 degree angle and scrape the outside skin off a little about the first quarter inch with a sharp sterilized tool. I then dip the stem in clonex for a minute or so then bury in solo cup pre moistened with Pro-mix hp and trim the fan leaves back to force root growth. I then put them under a CFL bulb with a water bottle dome that I spray with water for humidity. Not saying your way is wrong that’s just how I do it


@yinyang9299 sorry forgot the tag

Keep your plastic cups covered @yinyang9299 , roots dont like light.


Thank you a million man as long as i know im not doing it 100% wrong lol and on some sort of correct path, i apprecaite the feedback!! @OU812

Putting something to cover it rn thank you!!

Hi all.first time cloner here.were do I cut from top off plant and any branch ok? Am using power and into block thanks