Albanian marijuana strain?

A question from a fellow grower:

im planning a outdoor this year il be going from cuttings ok heres my important question . Are you familiar with the strains of weed that was grown in lazarat albania ? I have aquired a fair few seeds and have been growing this particular strain for just over a year now with some what successful crops . What I was wondering was did the albanias grow this strain outdoors ??? Is it a land race strain of weed ??? What I was smoking to get the seeds was pressed ugly looking nugs but the smoke was outstanding for how the buds looked and they were full of seeds

I wish I could help you. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s a landrace or not (i don’t think they buy seeds!).
but you shouldn’t smoke that nasty looking ganja most of the times is full of mold if you inspect it closely.
besides that they grow it outside and the strain it’s pretty nice if you are lucky with a good pheno.
i have done once from a bagie seeds kept the most healthy and it had a sativa structure with super narrow leafs which finished pretty damn fast like end of September (sativas here most of the time are done in middle-late November).
while i had some indicas still going for weeks…
and after 3 months of proper curing it had a intense citrus smell with spices and tropical fruits undertones.
i was so surprised of how good it was compared to 3 other strains i grew from seedbank.

Its not landrace if i remember they were brought from Italy but but they look very landrace like
I was looking for the strain too if anyone found something reply pls