AK-47 marijuana hydro grow troubles

A question from a fellow grower:

I am new to growing and this is only my third plant in hydro. I had a weird issue earlier with this AK that sure looked like calcium and magnesium deficiencies during the 4th-5th week of veg even though I was using CalMag Plus (3ml/gal) in addition to basic grow nutrients. Then the brown spots on the leaves started turning dead and expanding and the roots started turning brown even though I was using a bacillus root culture. Since then the roots have recovered with lots of new growth and the new foliage growth seems fine.

What kind of ppm should I aim for with this strain during vegetation? It’s explosive growth in hydro makes me wonder if I have to really step up the strength of the nutrient mix. Does this sound correct?

I am attaching a few pictures to ask your opinion of its health and advice for this grow. Does your strain of AK-47 require higher than normal amounts of calcium and magnesium during veg? Also how would you recommend that I develop this plant? I started by topping it once and LST’ing down the two mains and secondaries. I topped several more secondaries as they grew out but this plant got really bushy… I have been removing a lot of large fan leaves because they were blocking the flower sites from receiving any light. Is this normal?

Also I know that this is a compact strain but I am wondering how much stretching I can expect during flowering. I just switched to 12/12 a few days ago.

Any advice would be appreciated.



P.S. If you notice that the two mains grew out pretty unevenly, that’s my fault. I let it go too long without fresh nutrients for a few weeks after topping and it started to crash. It slowly bounced back but one of the mains definitely got more attention than the other.

Plant looks great overall, except some slightly yellowing leaves in the canopy.

Why don’t you give the plant the full recommended dose of CalMag? I never understand why new growers always insist on 1/2 strength. If you think you have a CalMag deficiency, then you should follow the directions.

PPM for veg can be anywhere from 1000ppm to 1500 ppm.

It is a big mistake to remove large fan leaves. You are basically ripping out the heart and lungs of your plant.

Fill this support ticket out, and we will guide you forward.

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