Problems in middle of flower

I am a new grower, in my 1st year and still figuring things out. I’ve got a few harvest under my belt but I’m having my worst issues thus far with a couple plants.
Here in my info:
Fem ak47 seed
15 weeks old, 5 into flower
Started with organic soil and have been feeding bottles since 2 weeks after last transplant.
Fabric 5 gallon pots
Runoff ppm was 1100 at 6.0 when I watered last with plain tap water at 6.4 ph
These plants are now in a 2x4x5 tent with 320 watts at about 85% of led quantum boards. The Temps have been slightly cold at night but mostly between 65-75F and 35-45% rh. There is a 4 inch exhaust fan pulling air out and 3 fans inside. I am not adding CO2

So, I will add pics but I think I am seeing multiple bad deficiencies and ive noticed every time I feed the ph goes pretty low. I originally thought they needed a bit more calmag but then it seemed to maybe get worse. Now my current theory is lockout so I’ve given plain water twice and plan on giving a mild dose of botanicare purebred pro bloom + calmag after they dry out. Am I on the right track?

Welcome to the forum You have to wait for the pictures to completely download before hitting the reply button or we can’t see them.


Definitely looks hungry. Nitrogen and CalMag. The leaves won’t heal so look for spreading once you increase that feed. You’ll want a full feed at the end of a flush since you’re rinsing the nutrients out.

Welcome to the forum… yes I think you’re on the right track.


Thank you

I believe u have a possible calcium def or a potassium or phosphorus def there is a way u can cover four things in one go get ur self some bananas about four of them peel the bananas and cut up the skins put those into a bucket of ph water about a 20ltr bucket bubble it for 24 hours u can put cal/mag in the mix after it has bubbled for 24 hours now this will cover potassium and phosphorus and calcium and magnesium u dont need to water it down just feed to ur plants

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Did you ever fix the problem?

What do you mean by bubble it ?

@MrRobot i believe he means with an air stone and a air pump. Like for fish tanks.

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Yah u use a fish tank air pump and air stone sorry i should of explained it better

I did fix the problem with using this recipe i gave u before i normally give this to my plants as a bloom booster aswell

Use that banana water all the time or just when you’re feeding the plants?

You can use it for ur feedings until gone depending on how much u have made or u can put in to a bottle and put it in ur fridge it keeps for a while in the fridge.what i normally do i will use it until i finish the bucket

Thanks. I’ll give it a try

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No worries this is a pic of my plants

Im doing a gorilla glue auto and a purple lemonade auto

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What grow medium are you using?

Im using a super soil i made

Will that banana trick work on normal soil

Yes it should do the trick with normal soil or coco coir