Airoponics and LED

2 airoponic setups. One for veg, one for flower. Each setup has 4 grow sites, black five gallon buckets. The buckets are elevated on milk crates. This allows water to flow back to the reservoir through PVC. The reservoir contains a water pump that turns on for 1 minute every 15 minutes. The water is pumped through PVC into the upper sides of the five gallon buckets. Inside the PVC is capped off and two sprinkler heads distribute water to the roots.
Plants get roughly 9 weeks in veg then 9 weeks in flower.
I use LED lighting. I won’t get into specifics unless asked about brands, color of light, etc…
My house is old, so is electric. So I choose to go with LEDs.
I have some old White Widow seeds flowering in the tent. The veg station has L.A. Confidential.
Next crop will probably be Gold Leaf. One of my favorites.


Welcome to the community and looking good so far. :+1:

Welcome to ILGM forum. Set watch.

Thanks for the welcome! Glad to find an environment where I can share my love for growing.

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Yep, same thing here. I was on a couple other sites before I landed here and didn’t much care for the atmosphere. I posted here and immediately got welcomed and advice.


Welcome! What part of world are you from?

Thank you for the welcome.
United States, Oklahoma. Our dispensaries have decent flower, but nothing is better than a good home grow. :grin:

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Welcome to the forum. I am se to watching and am gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:

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Cool, you have decent weather for long enough to grow outside? I’m from " greater Seattle "
My weather is a bit cold & damp for that.

A lot of our commercial flower comes from outdoor growing. The weather here is typically good. However, I have two little ones in the yard right now. I think I may have put them out too soon, but we’ll see. Patiently waiting to see how they turn out. I cross bread a Gorilla Glue male with a Gold Leaf female. If they start growing again I’ll post a picture.

Very nice cool pics. Great job. Get more pics …
And welcome to… fantasy island!!

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Welcome to the forum!

I was wondering if you have any pressure issues with plants furthest from the pump? Looks like a legit system.

When I initially built the system, I was concerned about pressure. But, every site gets plenty of water. All the PVC is 1/2". That helps keep the pressure for water delivery.
However, when I get around to adjusting my build, I plan on replacing my drainage PVC with something a little larger. I’ve started using a trelace in my tent. Now that I’m not rotating my pants, the roots are trying to grow through my drainage. No major issues yet. One month left to go.

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The plants outside are still suffering… but, I kept one inside in a pot (root bound and short).
She’s my hybrid. A cross between Gorilla Glue and Gold Leaf. I call her my Golden Gorilla :thinking::grin:

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Only 4 weeks left for the White Widows!


Looking frosty, excellent work. :+1:

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I’m on the taggin wagon,
awesome looking set-up,
Golden Gorilla sounds amazing!
Welcome to Weedville,
you’re gonna love it here.
Good vibes and keep it green :v:

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Thanks all for the welcomes and feedback everyone! Enjoying the forum. I love checking out everyone’s pictures. It’s a great place to get ideas and share tips.

Last pic today. Just to put the room into perspective. It’s my 10’x10’ spare room. Veg station is on the right. Flower of course is on the left. Hidden from view is a little closet. That’s where the clone tank and seedlings grow.
Keeping this setup I have 4 plants to harvest roughly every nine weeks.


It’s funny how people build these crazy awesome systems and end up where they do. I know so little about this setup because I landed in a spot where I do some hap hazard drain to reclaim system but I’m always intrigued by the ingenuity of growers.

This was certainly a journey for me. It started when a friend gave me a plant years ago. Kept it in a closet under a cheap Walmart light.
It would take a while to go through all the things I’ve tried, lol.
I don’t have to worry about watering, just making sure my tanks are ph and nute friendly. My lights are on timers. If I could get the tent to unzip itself during the 12 on… lol.
With my job, sometimes I’m out of town. This setup allows me the freedom to be gone for a few days at a time. I have a cam in the room to keep an eye on things while I’m gone.
Eventually I want one of those gauges to keep track of ph and nutes, one I can track it on my phone. Lol.
I do IT for a living. Hard not to put that into growing.