Second grow journal ! Advice appreciate

Hi i started my second grow like 3 week ago , any advice are welcome

I know burple is not the best light but i didnt better when i bought them

3 Bluecrack , unknown bank
5 Bruce banner , unknown bank
5 amenesia lemon , Barney’s farm

  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Grow bag 3 gallon / 7 gallon
  • PH of Water: 6.5
  • Indoor closet for veg / grow tent 6’x4’x6’ for flower
  • Lights: 300w burple for veg / 800w burple for flower
  • Temps; 25c / 20c
  • Humidity; 55
  • Ventilation system; Yes
  • Nutrient : 3 part advanced nutrient ph perfect + b-52 + voodoo juice
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And can someone help me with those trichome , iv estimated like 2-3 week before harvest

Nice looking plants I’m the wrong guy for tric pics but set to watching


@Cyle1 Damn you everywhere lol!

Only thing I’d say is use 800w for vegg then both for flower

Ya I’m just reading bored !!!

Thx alot guy
@HornHead its all i can do for now i got my mars hydro 960w/480w in my flower tent and my crappy 1200w (310w) actual for veg

Quick question my node are stacking on each other

Are they to close ? First time with indica strain

I will do some LST later this week

I like mine as tight as possible. Personal preference

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@HornHead Is that to keep them short and bushy?

That and tighter buds

My estimate would be 3-4 weeks. How long have they been in flower?

About 50 day kinda lost count i moved from province . Im kinda impress that they survived like 12h in a box in back of a truck @ -15c


Now that is impressive! -15c. If your at 50-days your estimate may be more in line. Go by what the plant tells you. I did 5-autos and had some ready for harvest at 100-days and some ready at 130-days. The trichomes will tell the story. As I kept my eye on them it became very apparent when they were ready to harvest.


They look like their off to a good start, i will be watching.

Thx guy here some bud photo

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Those still have a lot of white pistils. Wait til pistils start receding then check trichomes on the buds.

The best moment for harvest is when your pistills are in 70-90% orange/red. But the best way to check the THC content is by magnifying glass and analising trichomes. Glassy trichomes are low in THC and CBD, cloudy/whity trichomes means that you will get more like sativa high and more amber trichomes means you will get more indica high. The best place to harvest is when 50% of your trichomes are amber and the rest are cloudy white, it’s where your flowers has the most THC content and the highest yield. When you miss this spot your ladies start to overmature and THC is transformed into CBD. My preference is to harvest just slightly before 50% of trich change to amber because I want to get the biggest yield and I like more sativa like high.


Also I like what I see here, I will track this grow for sure :smiley:

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Thx for the advice guy , ill make sure to update you

Anyone have any experience with bluecrack ?it seem pretty rare not much info online

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Here some update pic

Topped the bigger one and did some Lst

And the flowering tent is going nicely , they start to pack on some serious weight

I’ll split the stem sunday then wait maybe a week then 2 day of darkness