9 Pound Hammer Indoor Grow

Adopted a couple clones from a buddy. Since I had an extra 4x4 tent I decided to set up a basic grow. My QB’s are being used in my other tent so I just went with my spare veg light, a vipar spectra 900r. I never used it for bloom but decided to give it a try just to see the outcome. I know its not a great bloom light but didnt want to order more QB’s at this time. Ebb and Flow and growing in lava rock. Using AN mother earth super tea veg and bloom. I’m at day 35 in flower now. I ran 37 days in veg. I only have 1 pic of them in veg at day 30. Sorry about the blurple pics in flowering, new to this site and didnt know most dont like blurple. I did get pics tho today under normal light.
Day 30 of veg.

Day 10 of flower

Day 20 of flower

Day 35 of flower



What good cultivation friend, I love I want to plant now one of purple kush I hope that at least half of me comes out that yours, I have already bought theand I already have to leave I am wishing you a greeting friend

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I’d like to welcome you both to the forum! @ggc1962 @Alejandromora there are lots of very knowledgeable growers here willing to lend a hand when needed. I encourage you to read the grow bible and lots of journals with your strains. If want to tag someone just put the @ symbol in front of their names and they’ll receive a notification. Your plants look great right now I’ve flowered with a viparspectra 600 par and have had decent results, like you now I have boards in the flower tent.


great start @ggc1962! hey @Alejandromora! welcome both of you to the forums. as @Midwestnewbie said, there are lots of great growers here with a wide variety of experience to help folks get their grow on. this is a great site with very friendly and knowledgeable folks!


Thanks @Alejandromora @Midwestnewbie @monkman . I agree, many knowledgeable ones here and seems everyones willing to help. Great place here!

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9lb hammer is my favorite strain name lol


Day 42 and buds are packing on nicely Those nice orange hairs are showing up!! Wish I was steady enough to get good trich pics. lol! 3-4 weeks left on flowering


Day 50 of flower. Just started getting a few amber trichs on sugar leaves but none on buds. Down to the last 2 or 3 weeks.


@ggc1962, I am set to watching, Looking great :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

I harvested these 2 in april. Was under a vipar 900 light start to end, only about 3 ounces per plant dry. Fluffy buds but to be expected with flowering with this light. Smoked good tho