After my plants do the hibbity dibbity

Hello hope everybody is doing well. First off I appreciate time and feedback. So I’ve got this male plant that I have no idea what it is. I wanted to let him get ahold of one of my young ladies. From what I’ve read she has to be 2 to 3 weeks into flower and the pollen needs to drop or be rubbed on it the pistols. My question is after they get done doing the hibbity dibbity can she go back in with the rest of the girls or is she on her own now? I was going to wait two or three days and let the pollen soak in but I still don’t want to put it back with the rest of the girls if she runs the chance of turning them Hermes. Thank you again for any feedback. Happy growing

Yes you can put it back in with the rest.
You can also spray your plant with water to keep the pollen from flying around and pollinating anything else. Shake off water, or place in indirect lighting until leaves are dry.
Be aware that wet leaves can burn in the light.


Right on I appreciate the feedback. The male plant is kind of stinky and it’s beautiful. I have a bag seed mother and am flowering one of its babies to see what it look like and if it was worth the time. This is what it looks like. Curious to see what she would look like crossed with something else. Was thinking about collecting some pollen . Might be my next experiment:)


Gorgeous! Keep us updated!


Pollen can be placed in a sandwich bag and a tablespoon or two of flour added to keep pollen dry. Won’t affect it’s use but if refrigerated should last for six months or so.

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Thank you I appreciate that info.

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I actually started out with 3 bag seeds. Not sure what any of them are. LOL . One turned Hermie. That’s the male Paul and I was going to keep. the post right above is the other indica which is turning out very nice. And here is a picture of the sativa clone that I’m flowering to see if the mother is worth it.

Pollen. Not Paul. LOL

Is the pollen from a male or from the hermie?

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Tell you the truth I’m not quite sure. I’m calling it a Hermie because I didn’t see any giblets until four and a half months in. It just waited a long time to show the giblets that’s why I was thinking it was a Hermie. But the 4 clones I took all have shown giblets. So I guess technically it would be a male?

Are you seeing any pistils?

Just noticed your name. Bobby Digital. The reggae artist? Or Bobby Digital the album from RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan? I thought there was pistols on the mother. That’s why I kept the training going for 4 months to make it one badass Bush. And then all of a sudden it showed giblets. Here’s a picture of the last baby I have from it. It’s been on my dryer for the last 2 weeks heading out the door. Then in the last couple of days I got the brainy idea to grab the pollen and cross a plant.

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:point_up_2:this one!

Yeah looks pure male. If it were hermie, you’d be collecting feminized pollen. This one will produce regular pollen so your seeds will be a mixture of male and female.


Okay thank you for the info I do appreciate it. It’s a good album by the way. I listen to EVERYTHING. Not sure if you like drum and bass or not. A lot of people don’t. But there is an old school drum and bass remix of N.Y.C everything. It’s okay. Again thank you for the info I do appreciate it. I’m sure I’ll see you around happy growing.